Published On: Mon, May 15th, 2017

“17 shot dead” in PNG prison breakout


“17 shot dead” in PNG prison breakout

17 prisoners were shot dead subsequent to a mass escaping at jail in PNG (Papua New Guinea), reports stated on Monday, by means of 57 on run up till now.

Prisoner from Buimo penitentiary in Pacific nation’s 2nd biggest city Lae completed a run for liberty subsequent to escaping on Friday, by means of warders of prison releasing fire.

PNG Post-Courier plus National newspapers together cited native police as verifying 17 were shot and dead, 3 were apprehended plus 57 still on the loose.

“These are unwanted people plus will be menace to community,” Anthony Wagambie Jr, commander chief superintendent of Lae metropolitan police stated of escapees, cautioning community to be attentive

“The mass of those escaped were in prison for grave crimes plus were in keeping awaiting assessment”.

“A lot were detained by police previous year for mostly car thefts, armed robberies, breaking and entering and stealing.”

It is similar prison where 12 inmates were shot dead by police in a jailbreak previous year.

Lawlessness and Crime in PNG, a rambling nation where a lot still reside subsistence and traditional lives in isolated areas, is out of control.

Mr Wagambie advised family members plus associates of runners not to harbor them.

“I am cautioning them that they’ll be apprehended. They ought to do what’s excellent for them plus surrender,” he stated.


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