Arvind Ethan David Invited Shahrukh Khan As Star guest In ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’, BBC Drama


Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan is invited by Arvind Ethan David, producer and show executive of “Dirk Gently’s Histolic Detective Agency” a BBC Drama. I would like to mention that Shahrukh Khan is invited for season two of this science-fiction drama series.

This Drama concept is based on two detectives who explore the cases by using their supernatural powers and this series is based on Douglas Adams and this series mainly concentrates on titular holistic schemes of detective.

Shahrukh khan actually tweeted and in his tweet he mentioned that he did not know that Dirk Gently is a TV series and he said Sorry Adam and as the result Show executive Arvind Ethan David invited Shahrukh khan in his show by tweeting and this chain of tweets started when Shahrukh Khan accepted invitation by tweeting in response to Arvind and asked for time and Venue of this Show and in answer Arvind replied done and done so this all became the reason of his guest star appearance in this classy Show.

51 year old Bollywood Super star in start was clueless about this detective series Drama but his clueless attitude lead him to get guest star appearance in that BBC drama Show. It is surprising but clueless tweet of Shahrukh Khan got attention by David and he invited him and now public response is like this, is Shahrukh Khan is moving to West?

Arvind Ethan David also tweeted that I am too much excited that Shahrukh khan is interested in his series and not only David was excited, Shahrukh Khan was also excited on his tweet that he at once accepted his invitation.


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