Assassin Tradition Broke The Malaysian Murder Mystery


Kim Jong Nam was a North Korean leader who was murdered after being physically stroked at Kuala Lumpur airport, police believes that was a fast poison act. But the authorities say he was assaulted by two women, one from Vietnamese and other was Indonesian. Both women are in custody now.

About the murder a statement was given by South Korea in which they accused this murder on a North Korean shadowy agency “Reconnaissance General Bureau” which is a premier intelligence organization and sanctioned by United Nations for arms trade role of North Korea.

An expert of North Korean leadership, Michael Madden said that Kim’s murder could be an operation of different agencies as he spoke against the dynastic control of his family in Public but more possibilities are towards RGB and it will take at least one more week to point the involved organizations.

Ri Jong Chol, a Malaysian worker lived in Kuala Lumpur was arrested by Malaysian police on Wednesday.

Jan Jin-sung a worker in United Front Department Worker’s Party which is espionage unit with Office 35; said that North Korean foreigners like Ri are the hallmarks for Office 35.

“Office 35” is a training unit for elite spy. They train people with real skills and send them overseas and trapped in operations like Kim Jong Nam.

It was told by former deputy ambassador that at least one person of State Security department is used under larger abroad missions of North Korea that directly lines to Pyongyang and takes order from bowibu and central committee of party.

A senior was identified by Malaysian police at embassy of North Korea in suspecting of murder.

If the brain behind assassination is Worker’s Party then the muscle would be RGB which falls under military.

Intelligence agencies of North Korea carry a history against overseas operation of South Korea.

In 1968, president Park Chung was ordered to kill by Unit 124, which is now called RGB.

Madden continued saying, there is a history of five decades which includes operational and institutional memories and these people are trained under tough operation chiefs and hard spymasters.

North Korean spies are now the second & third generation of fathers of intelligence community.

But now here is a break to North Korea as Kim Jong operation involves Indonesian and Vietnamese women.

In 1987, 115 people of an air flight were killed through bomb last fitted by a North Korean.

Kim was caught to South Korea later gave details about her spy training; she described being handed a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. Among them one was bitten and dabbed of ink, she wrote that would kill her immediately.

She was caught but failed to kill when she bit cyanide inside cigarette.

Kim Jong Nam was granddaughter of Kim Il Sung, she was trained as an obedient dog.


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