Blank Expressions By Three Famous Filmmakers About ShahrukhKhan’s Rahul Character: Kofee With Karan 5


This news about showing a point to Shahrukh Khan thatthree famous filmmakers Imtiaz Ali, Kabir Khan and Zoya Akhtar has no clue about Shahrukh khan’s Rahul characters in movies.

This blank expression of these filmmakers was seen in famous TV show Koffe with Karan in season 5. Season 5 of Kofee with Karan has no doubt shown astonishing moments to public such as Kofee with Karan, Kangana Ranaut’s episode left Karan surprised that he did not get any point to troll with Kangana.

In this episode of Kofee with Karan four Famous filmmakers shared a session of Gupshup and these filmmakers are not other than Zoya Akhtar, Imtiaz Ali, Kabir khan and show host Karan Johar. These four directors showed that they experienced a round table conference on this show and ironic point in discussion came when they were asked to tell about Shahrukh khan’s character as Rahul in three movies and three of them showed a blank expression and this is really surprising because two of them that are Kabir khan and Imtiaz Ali worked with Shahrukh khan in movies and this clueless expression also pointed towards a thing that, Is these directors watch Bollywood movies or not. Not even this when Zoya was asked a question about her brother Farhan Akhtar she again did not answer well and this thing mocked her and she looked a bit scared with an expression that now what is going to happen. Well all this discussion has brought laughter on many spectators who actually watched this episode of Kofee with Karan season 5.

From sources it has been found that this show which invites Bollywood natives will soon wrap up their episodes and this is expected that show is going to on air his last episode of season 5 on 19th March 2017.


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