Bollywood Spieled For Lion, La La Land Or Moonlight: 2017 Oscars


Oscars 2017, in Hollywood the biggest night of the year is going to be kick off in few hours from now.

Final preparations of Oscars are still ongoing. Discussion with kinship in India is done regarding the perception of viewer that which movie is successful regarding views of viewers and which movies are worth according to applause of viewers.

Prediction about “La La Land’s victory” is not tough because of reviews by public because of huge and critical acclaim by viewers.

Vinay Pathak, the actor mentioned that he wants “moonlight” to wins award and also the critics of Bollywood declared that this movie theme was different from all the other movies made in Hollywood since now. Not only this Pathak also declared that he want every award to get nominated for this movie “Moonlight” such as best actor, actress, supporting roles and director awards.

Actor Manoj Bajpai declared “Manchester by the sea” as the best movie because of this movie amazing acting and script; he said that this movie has everything which a movie must have such as great acting to great script.

IsabelleHuppert, French actress is the best actress according to Manoj Bajpai, while Pathak said that best actress must be Emma Stone for her acting in movie “La La Land”.

Dhupia shared her view that she wants director and actress Emma Stone from movie “La La Land “to be nominated for Oscars.

She further added that there is tough fight for best actor between Ryan Gosling and Casey Affleck.

Dhupia rooted for Viola Davis (Fences) and she also mentioned her interest bout movie “hidden figures” actress Octavia Spencer.

Tisca Chopra confessed that she was busy and had not time to see the nominations regarding Oscars 2017, but she mentioned Dev Patel nomination in Oscars for supporting role in movie “lion” and she was too much impressed by acting of Dev. She further added that Dev is a young actor and is very much talented.


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