Published On: Mon, Apr 10th, 2017

“Clark and Dawe fame”: Satirist John Clarke died at age of 68


“Clark and Dawe fame”: Satirist John Clarke died at age of 68

Over this weekend at 9th April 2017, famous comedian John Clarke suddenly died while bushwalking. With natural causes this celebrity left for heavenly peace with sudden death. From 40 years this person was famous for his Comedy flicks and as a staple of “Political satire”.

On both big and small screens John Clark marked strings of successions with his work. “The Games” his mockumentary series which was released in 1998 gave him ultimate success. This series depicted “2000 Sydney Olympics” organizing phases and won hearts of audiences.

His notable movies are “Death in Brunswick” and “Crackerjack”. He is also famous for performing voice for character “Wal” in movie “Foot rot Flats”. He is famous for his TV show, “Kath and Kim”.

In New Zealand and Australian film industry regarding comedy flicks, John Clark was one of the most eminent funny actors. His demise news is shockingly sad for the entire nation.

On his demise his family gave the heart statement: “John died doing one of the things he loved the most in the world, taking photos of birds in beautiful bushland with his wife and friends. He is forever in our hearts”.

“We are aware of what he has meant to so many for so many years, throughout the world but especially in Australia and New Zealand”.

His family added that, “We are very grateful for all expressions of sympathy and love which John would have greatly appreciated”.

John Clark with his partner, “Bryan Dawe” skewered politicians with his mocking interviews. John and Bryan were famous for their show, “Clark and Dawe Sketches”.

Regarding stage musicals, writer of film and TV, and as a great actor, John Clark was a man of diverse talent.

He wrote books with astonishing script such as “The 7:56 report”, ‘A Dagg at my table” and “The Howard Miracle”.

His sudden death is indeed a great loss for his fans!

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