Crevice Between Kajol And Karan Johar:Kajol On Her Sulk With Karan Johar


Kajol On Her Sulk With Karan Johar

Kajol has phlegmatic silence on this issue of rift with Karan Johar while Karan Johar has mentioned many times that he has lost his friendship with Kajol.

I would like to mention here that Karan Johar and Kajol were friends from long time ago as he starred this beautiful actress in many of his hits such as My name is Khan, Kuch Kuch hotta hy, Kabhe khushe kabhe gham. Shockwaves has been created in whole Bollywood industry on fallout between Kajol and Karan Johar. Karan Johar has openly mentioned this many times that he does not want to revamp his relationship of friendship with Kajol. Stoic silence has been shown by Kajol about this rift with Karan Johar. She said to Indian Express that she would not like to comment anything about her sour relationship with Karan Johar.

Beside all this Karan Johar in “unsuitable Boy” his biography has used some words for Kajol and these words were that I once used to consider Kajol as my family. Karan by using his words has pointed towards Ajay Devgan, husband of Kajol that he has played a role and is the reason of rift between Karan johar and Kajol.

Karan was so much upset on this scenario that he mentioned that I do not think that it is a kind of feeling or emotion that will change, I now think that Kajol is out of my life now that I once considered my family. This is the context of all the words which Karan Johar used for Kajol.

Kajol On Her Sulk With Karan Johar

From the past few weeks this famous filmmaker Karan Johar is so much open about this tiff between her once best friend Kajol that he openly comment about all the things which created fuss in their friendship but Kajol is facing period of sulking about all this.


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