Distraught Father Take Two Hostages in Room at Houston Hospital



Houston: A man, believed to father of patient, has reportedly taken to hostages in room of hospital, distraught over his son’s illness.

Foreign media reported that a distraught father has seized two people in the room of Tomball Regional Medical Center in Houston, Texas, over treatment of his son’s bad health, has been surrendered after four hours panic.

Authorities reported that man, enclosed himself in the critical care unit. Negotiated with police officers to confirm that he has unarmed and no threat of being damage the area or hostages, earlier, police has feared that father may has gun and bring violence in the hospital.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson stated that unidentified man has been detained by county police and now he is under custody under the investigators reveal the final report, however, he also confirmed that man was unarmed and had no hostages.

The identity of patient’s father has not yet disclosed while the hospital in under lockdown since incident happened.


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