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hottest women in the world

Born with name Elizabeth Irene Mitchell in 1974 on February 10, she is known by name of Elizabeth bank in Hollywood.To avoid name confusion with another Hollywood actress Elizabeth Mitchell, she changed her name to Elizabeth Banks.

Elizabeth Bank is not only a famous producer, American actress and profound director but also one of hottest women in the world. Elizabeth birth’s place is Massachusetts, Pittsfield. In her childhood with height 5′ 4½”,she was good at riding horses and playing baseball. She was good in sports but she broke her leg when she was in little league and then she deviated her interest from sports to acting. She took part in a school play when she was in Pittsfield High School. She passed out from school in 1992. In 1996 she has done graduation in magna cum laude with minor subjects in theater arts and major subjects in communications.

  • Santa Barbara (soap opera) was the first play she started her career after auditions in New York
  • She preferred acting on her studies because she was having students loan so she quitted studies and started doing acting.
  • In 1998, her first debut movie “Surrender Dorothy” was released
  • She gained ultimate popularity from THE 40-Year-Old-Virgin, a comedy movie released in 2005
  • She has also done acute acting Stella series released in May 2006
  • “Invincible” was a drama film from which she gained popularity, and her co-star Wahlberg and she were nominated for an award for MTV Movie Award whose title was “best kiss” award
  • Our idiot brother, The Baxter, Role models and Wet hot American summer are the movies in which she appeared with famous actor Paul Rudd
  • Elizabeth has also done remarkable acting in “The details”, “sea biscuit”, “spider Man”, “spider Man-2”, “spider Man-3”
  • Elizabeth was also starred in movie The Hunger Games and she looked stunning in that movie
  • She was starred in every series of The Hunger Games
  • Currently she is known by Ellie magazine in which she is endorsed to depicthonor for women who has done remarkable acting in American film industry till now

hottest women in the world

Elizabeth is wife of famous producer and sportswriter Max Handelman. Their love story is cute as they met in 1992 in September 6 and after 11 years thy got married. They were blessed with a baby boy in 2011 and they were also blessed with a child in 2012 again which was very surprising. Felix and Magnus are names of their children. Elizabeth is a Jew by religion.

Elizabeth is not only 42 years elegant lady but also one of the hottest women in the world.She has great potential for everything as she was seen in presidential campaign and a vocal supporter of Hilary Clinton.

At democratic National Convention she was seen with many celebrities in “Fight Song”.

According to Box Office Mojo 2016, she is at sixth position on highest grossing female actor and at 32th place at highest grossing actors of all the time.





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