End Record Of Drought, hopes Of Kevin O’Connell; Oscar 2017


For the 21st time the sound man of Hollywood Kevin O’Connell is nominated for Oscar 2017 for best sound mixer category.

O’Connell is also the one who holds the most nominations of Academy Awards but didn’t win them.

He told with a giggle that he is called Susan Lucci of Academy Awards. She referred to an actress who rolled as Erica Kane in a long soap “All My Children”, she tries nineteen times then finally took an Emmy.

But Kevin, 59, and again running for Oscar 2017 on Sunday for his movie Hacksaw Ridge which is a war movie from Mel Gibson. He told to NBC news that this time he is hoping to end his streak and will win a one.

Continuing that he said, they had better options in past years but sure it is a difficult category as there are many other good movies. We were nominated for best director, best actor and best picture but Academy like the movie most.

Kevin O’Connell was also nominated in Oscar 2007 for his movie “Apocalypto” but didn’t get high profile value.

NBC news reported, Lucci crossed her fingers for O’Connell. Lucci said she is hoping for him because the person who has been nominated for 21 times in Academy Awards must have respect in the industry. She said she didn’t see Hacksaw Ridge but planning to see soon.

Kevin O’Connell said he has kept the twenty winning speeches which never got and 21st is ready for Sunday. He said that his speech changes all the time but one thing that doesn’t change is his thanks to his mother. She died on the night when I was nominated 19th time for Academy Awards in 2007, my mother insisted to go while she was admitted in hospital.

Kevin O’Connell was raised in Los Angeles and from his childhood he wished to be a firefighter not a sound man.

In an interview he shared, he was a firefighter at the age of 19. I was excited but my mother started crying seeing me beaten up and fire battered. His mom worked at sound department and also forced him to get job there. O’Connell said “when he there, I never looked back”.

First he earned in 1980 as a recording technician then in 1982 he earned as a sound mixer. After that he worked for biggest movies including Spider Man which leads him to Oscar.

Insider says that this time when is hoping to end his drought, he will get it for “La La Land”.


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