Top Ten Best Hardest Sports In The World 2017


What is the hardest sport in the world? We discuss this topic often with the friends sitting at a college bench. The hardest is the one which needs more skills and power but different people have set different criteria in this debate. There are various types of sports in the world and each has its own flexibility and playing way. Every player know the difficulty and level of pressure of the game for which he is present on the field and this thing is hardly understood by others who are watching it.
There are various sports that are the most difficult sports in the world among them some sports may need more stamina, persistence and flexibility of the player while some sports need concentration and mind’s focus of the player and there are some sports which need both factors.
Reminding all the factors today we are presenting the top ten Hardest sports in the worldwhich need more skills and unfortunately no more credit:

1. Gymnastic

Hardest sports in the world
Gymnastic is one of the toughest sports in the world which needs more endurance of the body, physical strength, agility, body balance, power and player’s concentration. When comes to Olympics there are different types of gymnastics which needs the control and grace. People have a myth that gymnastic is an easy play which can be done by any person and relates it to cheerleading but this is totally wrong and a cruel to gymnastic professional athletes as this is the number in among the hardest sports in the world.
The modern gymnastic was introduced in early 90’s in Germany by the three physical educators. There are different gymnastics games for men and women among them men play high bar, still rings, pommel horse while for women there includes vault, balance beam, uneven bars etc. Also the ancient Greek’s exercises are included in gymnastics. If you get injured during playing gymnastics this will be the permanent loss and no backing-off.

2. Swimming

Hardest sports in the world
This is included in water sports which needs power, stamina and coordination. Swimming is governed by “Federation Internationale de Natation” and was first found in 8000 BC. A swimmer knows how much body fitness is required to obtain best results and there is no minute rest in the competition. The muscle movement is involved but endurance is required the most with strokes like Butterfly stroke, Breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke. This is not difficult as gymnastic like there is no everyday threat of dying but yet it is the number second in the list of hardest sports in the world. Swimming is not so easy bas people swim in their backyard’s pool to release stress the swimming sports need a lot of patience as after swimming exercises one can even barely walk and lift arms up.
The reference of swimming is also found in Quran Pak, Bible, and Odyssey.A German professor first wrote a book on swimming in 1583 named “Der Schwimmeroder ein Zweigesprächüber die Schwimmkunst”. First the swimming competitions were arranged by National Swimming society in artificial pools at London in 1837.

3. Figure Skating

Hardest sports in the world
The sports which needs the more flexibility and concentration of the player. This is a sport of duos, individuals or teams to perform skates on the ice. The four Olympics discipline of figure skating are Ladies’ single, Men’s single, pair skating and ice dancing. This game was introduced in 1908 at London and now governed by International Skating Union.
Figure skating is the third number hardest sports in the world.Best moves are demanded in figure skating and this is judged by the other how the one is playing. This sport needs a lot of practice and also a threat of permanent injuries. The blades used in this game are just 4.7mm thick with a curve arc circle having a 180-220cm radius. The skaters have to perform throw jumps, spins, death spirals and various lifts. Figure skating is a mentally emotional and challenging game which need guts.

4. Water Polo

Hardest sports in the world
Water polo includes in water sports and one of the hardest sports in the world which needs good coordination and stamina. This is a team playing sport which has six players and a goal keeper. Water polo is related to football but it is more typical than it as the players have to play in a 1.8m deep water pool constantly. There are four periods and similar goals are expected by throwing ball into net of opponent team’s net as done in football game. This sport was first originated in 19th century and William Wilson decided rules for this water-ball game known as Aquatic football. First match of Water Polowas played in 19th century at Bon accord Festival Scotland. This game is also governed by Federation Internationale de Natation.

5. Bull Riding

Hardest sports in the world
One of the most popular and ever played type of sport which is included in Rodeo sports. Bull riding demands confidence, time management and control over bull and yourself. The player holds up a mounted position and buck off by the bull usually for eight seconds and these eight seconds are considered the more risky in this sport. The rider wears a cowboy hat and long boots to ride on a death threat game that’s why it is one of the hardest sports in the world and with any doubtful condition it is as you are asked to hang on a thousand pound bull which is ripped between your legs. Mexican Charreada is the founder of this sport and first bull fight was arranged in 1852 in Southeast by HL Kinney who was Texas Ranger. The score giving is done from 0 to 50 by two judges on behalf of different aspects.

6. Horseback Riding

Hardest sports in the world
Horseback riding is the game of endurance and coordination of two the horse and the rider. This game implicates vaulting and steeple chasing of horse. Horses are trained to show a skilful game and the most important thing is the coordination of player and horse which comes to a good speed and scores though it is very difficult to develop coordination among them during race that’s why is must listed in the hardest sports in the world. International federation for Equestrian Sports governs the international Horse Riding.

7. Competition Cheer leading

Hardest sports in the world
One of the most difficult game in the list of hardest sports in the world here is competition Cheer leading. It is played by all the stamina and flexibility of the player’s body. While doing twists and tricks flyers are totally flung up in the air and finds their balance through their base. And the most difficult and risky moment is when they switch from one pose to next pose. The hardness of the sport is just felt by the player who is in the air doing the steps within few seconds and just one wrong step leads you crashing down. This is a game of 3 people team in which two of them have to throw 3rd little person in the air. There is also used a bar in some tricks.

8. Hockey

Hardest sports in the world
The one most famous game in the world is hockey and most individuals do not know how hard to play it as there is no sport other than hockey which is so demanding. The national sports of country Pakistan hockey is played all over the world. The players have to wear sharp blades in their feet which are deadly dangerous and the fastest rubber puck which moves 100 mph and you have to hit it. This is so dangerous one among the toughest sports in the world and there are so dangerous incidents held which are present on net to see.

9. Cross Country Running

Hardest sports in the world
The ninth one in the list of hardest sports in the world is Cross Country Running. In this game there are played individuals or the teams. Cross Country is the race where 4 to 12 km natural terrain is done in open air. This sport is usually organized in winter or autumn season to generate more difficulties for players to run. Started in 19th century when England schools started to practice their students in 1837 and first champion was held in 1867 December and first international race was held in 1903. The current competitors of Cross Country Running are IAAF World Cross Country Champions, who are known as elite competitors and this team was established in 1973.

10. Rowing

Hardest sports in the world
The game which is played with commitment and stamina of players. In the list of hardest sports in the world Rowing is listed last one. It is a two player game in which they are committed to each other to move the boat forward. A lot of practice is needed for this sport because arms are felt end up after a one round attempt. This is that sport which is known as the most hurting one, also the mental motivation is needed the most. Rowing doesn’t need skills like gymnastic, swimming or cheer leading it is listed in hardest sports in the world list just because it is tough and the rowers need a lot of stamina to move the boat forward by the help of their arms otherwise the skills are not so hard to understand.


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