Published On: Fri, Jul 29th, 2016

How Hillary Clinton defined her Historic Moment



At Thursday night the Hillary Clinton entertainingly batted away with the avalanche of balloons as she appeared happy, proud and settles to her historic moment. She accepted the Democratic nomination as the US President with the determination, humility and the endless confidence with an America’s promise and enjoying her place as the 1st women to lead the US presidential ticket with the high-set emotions. She declared a quote “when there are no ceilings, only the sky is the limit”.

Her emotional speech is lacked  the lyrical sweep of the Obama’s address on Wednesday, but she keeping herself with someone who acknowledge herself as the well determined, practical, policy oriented who strive gets down knocked and then gets backup with the straight ambition. On her choice she defined the 2016 for the nation as the stark “the moment of reckoning”.

The former secretary of State, Senator and also the former first lady, sets her great sights at the White House and ready to blasted the Donald Trump the Republican nominee; represent him  as the small man who becomes rich by the roasting workers, who sells fear and lacks the temperament to become the commander.

President Obama also congratulate Clinton after her speech and he tweeted, Great Speech, She is tested and she is ready, She never quits and only reason Clinton should be at the White House very soon. After her emotional speech the supporter of Clinton was movie to tears, which also including the sixteen years old boy Victoria Sanchez. She said this is more, what i imagined and i know that i lived the history and can follow the footsteps and this will change my whole life.

She is a dedicated fighter as she avoid the display of controversies such as the private email server which she used for business while as the secretary of the stare has again forced the question about her integrity and honesty among many other voters. In spite of all that she portray herself as the devoted and untiring fighter for the disabled, for children, women, blur-collar workers and the poor people’s as she also promising the spine of steel as she swear to take out ISIS.


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In her speech she said the strong forces are menacing to pull us separate. We need trust and respect and truly it all depends on us as how we decide are we work together and can rise together. On speaking on the national security issues she warned that as the president has to make wise decision about the peace, war, the death and the life of the people. She also address the audience and leaving with the finish remarks such as ask yourself a question; Do you think that the Trump has the temperament to become the commander in chief even though he cannot handle the rough and the tumble of his presidential campaign.

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