Published On: Wed, Feb 15th, 2017

India Launches 104 Record Satellites In A Single Venture.


India has formed history by positively initiating 104 satellites on single venture, surpassing the earlier record of Russia’s 37 satellites launched in 2014.

All 3 of these satellites are from distant countries, the majority of them from US.

The launch occurred in east India from Sriharikota space centre.

Observer declares that it’s a symbol that India’s raising as a foremost player in multi-billion buck space market.

“This is immense instant for every one of us. Today we created the history,” venture director B Jayakumar was reference as saying by a news group”

Narendra Modi Prime Minister was amid first to applaud in scientists tweeting, “This amazing achievement @isro is still a proud moment for our scientific group of people and the state. India greeting our scientists.”

Quotes a phase “world record” has trending India on Twitter for Wednesday morning.

104 single satellites, 96 related to US while, Kazakhstan, Israel, UAE, Netherlands and the Switzerland are other overseas clients.

A bulk of satellites has earth visualize capability and be in the right place to a United State corporation named Planet.

Cartographic satellite Indian, believed to be a capable of taking high resolution images is on board. It is expected to use to be monitor regional curve rivals China and Pakistan.

In Delhi BBC’s Sanjoy Majumder says “successful launch is still another barb in the check of India’s determined liberty programmed that earned a status of present a dependable low cost substitute to obtainable international players.

Indian government increased the financial plan for a space program in this year and declared plans to drive a venture to Venus.

Over the history, India has turn into key player in worthwhile profitable space market contribution a low cost unusual.

India has actually made history as this has done before but not in this kind of quantity.



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