Islamic State Urges to Supporters to Slay 100 US Troops



Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant organization has surfaced a list of 100 military personnel of United States on internet, in which penned their addresses, photographs as well names and also requested its supporters those who living in America to slay them.

However, after facing the act of Islamic State as posted a list of internet, the Pentagon has started investigation. An U.S. defense official told media on condition of anonymity on Saturday, the investigation is being done but in terms of policies he can’t reveal any inform.

He further explained the US army always supports our troops to work out appropriate OPSEC (operations security) and military protection practices.

The details about US troops posted on internet By Iraq-Syria militant organization, it shows terror group the “Islamic State Hacking Division” penned all information in English language.

IS hacked military personnel’s emails, databases and some servers of army—also posted names, photos and addresses of nearly 100 troops while appealing their backers to find them in America and kill.

On the other hand, New York Times had published a report, in which it mentioned– the claim by Iraq-Syria militant organization that they hacked information from United States government servers.

also cited an unnamed Defense Department official—most of detail about the military personnel could be discover in public records, residential address search websites and social networking sites.

The tabloid also cited officials while describing list emerged to have been acquired from troops explained in reports regarding air strikes on terror group. The largest militant organization in Middle East taking control many locations in Iraq, Syria and have seized some regions as well towns and also battling against US-led.

The US-led targeting the hideouts of terror group through air strikes and killed so many fighters and its offensive against IS fighter is being done.


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