Published On: Thu, Feb 16th, 2017

Kim Jong-Nam’s Assassination Mystery Is In Air: Female Suspect Is Arrested


From sources of US government it was believed that Kim Jong-Nam was murdered by agents of North Korea and now a women got arrested from airport of Kuala Lumpur, local time0820, (0020 GMT) morning on Wednesday. It is worth mentioning here that Kim Jong Nam was murdered on Monday at the same airport.

He collapsed at airport, and he died on his way to hospital and his last words to the people who took him to hospital were that he was stabbed by two women who came from behind and threw some kind of chemical spray on his face, and now as a women is arrested so this news is in air that she is one of that women, of whom Kim was talking before his death. But this woman is still a suspect as she was travelling alone with possession of Vietnamese passport.

Kim Jong-Nam was such kind of person who always spoke in public about the isolated state which was under the dynastic control of his family. Kim Jong-Nam is the son of famous North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Il and as he is also known to be half-brother of Kim Jong-un, who is currently one of the strongest politicians of North Korea. It is sad to tell but it is reality that his family is being murdered from the past time because of political affairs as one of his cousin named Lee Han-young was also killed in 1997.

Two females who are suspect of murder of Kim Jong-Nam, according to CCTV footage took a taxi after murder and it is also thought that Malaysian police is in search of these women.

Some people think that the reason behind his murder is that he was successor of his dictator father but it can’t be the reason as he never interrupted in political affairs and lived abroad.

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