Top Ten Most Beautiful Eyes


When we talk about the famous personalities with having beautiful so that part of face “eyes” make them more fabulous and enhance their beauty. For women most of the people say that “women eyes are the asset for her”. So we tried to discuss most of the eyes that really attracted by the people and considered as the most beautiful eyes in the world but it’s too difficult to find it all over the world. In human being eyes are the most expensive one in their bodies and most beautiful too. So let’s talk about them the most beautiful eyes in the world.

10. Celina Jaitley:

most beautiful eyes
An Indian actress named as Celina Jaitley in Bollywood films. She beauty queen and model too. In 2001 she got the crown award named as Miss India Universe. Beautiful attractive eyes lady has a background of Kashmir. She listed as the most beautiful eyes woman in the world.

9. Charlize Theron:

most beautiful eyes
An African woman got beautiful eyes that listed as the 10th rank in most beautiful eyes in the world. She is an actress and model too. In 1990s she started her career in United States. She has beautiful eyes. She got best performance award in Leading Role in Monster an actress. She listed as the most beautiful eyes in the world.

8. Milla Jovovich:

most beautiful eyes
An American woman with most beautiful eyes is actress, artiste, model and trend designer. In start of her career she appeared in a numeral of art fiction and in action films. Channel named as VH1 referred as “reigning queen of kick butt”. Her eyes having a beautiful color like in grayish with black outline. Most attracted one that like by her fans so far.

7. Kristin Kreuk:

most beautiful eyes
A Canadian woman named as Kristin Laura Kreuk and she also an actress and executive producer in films well known about she did play role in Lana Lang in American TV series like Smallville. One of the gorgeous woman with most beautiful eyes having green color that looks so attractive by her fans those like her the most due to her eyes quality.

6. Giada De laurentiis:

most beautiful eyes
Italian American woman a most famous and talented one like she is a writer, TV personality, host of today’s food program because a famous American chef too. She known by a name woman with most beautiful eyes. She’s a professional chef and having her own cooking shows that make her so famous and people mostly like her by her cooking like her taste of food that really having a different and best taste.

5. Audrey Hepburn:

most beautiful eyes
She is Audrey Hepburn a humanitarian and famous actress having beautiful eyes and won Oscar for playing leading role for best Actress. Her eyes having a light brown color that mostly attracted by the people and her fans. She listed at 5th place in most beautiful eyes in the world. She is in one of the leading actresses in films and television series.

4. Jared Leto:

most beautiful eyes
If you guys think that eyes beauty is only woman have and it’s only woman assets so it’s wrong because there are many personalities that having a beautiful eyes if you guys see that than really get surprised to see the beauty of Jared Leto eyes. Which we can say that most beautiful eyes in the world as compared to all most famous personalities. He is good in acting and also having his own music songs. Man with a beautiful blur color eyes.

3. Paul Walker:

most beautiful eyes
It’s really sad to say that he is no more with us such a brilliant and handsome actor so far in Hollywood industries and luminosity blue color eyes. Paul Walker having a huge fan list and they still missed him so much. His lover for family and his career is so sincere and he is so much committed about his work. He played a leading role in Fast and Furious while shooting of Fast and Furious 7 he had a car accident he than he met with death on the way of his home. He got a beautiful bluish eyes that really attracted by his fans so far that’s why his eyes listed as the most beautiful eyes in the world.

2. Angelina Jolie:

most beautiful eyes
An American director and world most famous actress too got most beautiful eyes on her face. She having a million of fan list and most of them attracted with her eyes so much. She is also such a humanitarian woman. She got so many awards in different award shows like two Screen actor in guild awards and golden globe awards etc. a daughter of Jon Voight and also won the Oscar awards for playing leading and supporting role in different movies.

1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:

most beautiful eyes
An Indian actress named as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan most beautiful women in the world and also achieves a crown of miss world in 1994. She is also worked as model while starting her career in acting or her eyes are the most beautiful eyes in world, In 2004 she is basically chosen by a Time magazine as in the world’s “100 Most leading People” and that is broadly considered as the beautiful lady in the world and with blue eyes that you guys can see and she is the one who is on the top of the rank list in most beautiful eyes in the world.


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