Top Ten Most Expensive Cigarettes In The World


Cigarettes are the most used product in the world and in USA it is estimated that 50 million people are addicted to use cigarettes. That is why the cigarette making companies are playing in billion dollars and producing different varieties of cigarettes and related products like cigars and presenting them as a luxurious thing. Though cigarette is harmful to one’s health but still people are addicted to them.
All the countries don’t have same price of cigarettes some sale so expensive and some sale at cheap. In the whole world Australia is the country where people have to pay a heavy tax on buying cigarettes and London is the city where cigarettes are so expensive. The price of cigarette depends on its material productivity and the promotions. Some tobacco companies are presenting cigarettes with royal packages like gold and diamond displaying which make the price of their pack so expensive.
Following are the top ten most expensive cigarettes or cigarette brands in the world:

10. Marlboro:

 most expensive cigarettes

In the list of most expensive cigarettes in the world Marlboro stands on last number. It was launched in 1924 by Philip Morris, loudly for the women in the world but commonly associated to men. Having variety of flavours and types like Fresh line, line and Gold line Marlboro is used all over the world and sponsor different events like “Formula 1 race” and different teams have a good support by this brand which is a best way of commercializing itself. One packet of this most popular cigarette costs $1.25 which has 10 in it.

9. Camel:

 most expensive cigarettes
Camel is on number nine in the list of most expensive cigarettes. This is an American tobacco brand owned by R.J Reynolds that introduced its camel cigarette in 1913. At that time camel was the most popular cigarette which is different from others because it contains a blend of Turkish and Virginian tobacco, another reason of popularity is its packing which has an attractive graphic description. The flavours of this camel cigarette are Camel filters wides, Camel menthol, menthol silver, Kamel red and Kamel red smooth. The price of one pack which has ten filters costs of $1.35.

8. Parliament:

 most expensive cigarettes
The number eighth of most expensive cigarettes this Parliament is also introduced by Philip Morris in 1931 these are the demanded cigarettes because of their light smell and great taste and recessed filters which lower the tar substance. It includes the flavours of menthol and is available in different sizes which is a good thing that attracts people to buy it. The official size with 10 filters is sold on $1.35.

7. Davidoff:

 most expensive cigarettes
This is a Swiss tobacco brand owned by imperial tobacco offers luxury products like cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos and pipe tobaccos. The flavours offered in Davidoff cigarettes are Magnum, Menthol, Supreme, Classic, Mild, Lights and another One & Gold is making its more popular. Davidoff is enlisted on seventh among most expensive cigarettes in the world. The price of one pack of its iD blue cigarettes is $1.40.

6. Dunhill:

 most expensive cigarettes
One of the most renowned cigarettes brand among the most expensive cigarettes in the world, belongs to a British-American company owned by john Lennon and Hunter S Thompson. Their cigarettes have a levels of tar and nicotine. One of its type is manufactured of BAT which is mostly sold in Canadian and European markets. The international red cigarettes is priced as $1.40 per packet.

5. Lucky Strike:

 most expensive cigarettes
An American brand announced in 1871 and in 1905 next sold to an American tobacco company.The manufacturing of this brand’s cigarettes is so unique. The speciality of these Lucky Strike cigarettes is its roasted tobacco and one other favourite variety is its pre-rolled filtered cigarettes. Lucky Strike is that tobacco brand promoted by media and fine arts and also remained the part of US culture. This is the top brand cigarette among smokers as this one is on the half of most expensive cigarettes list. One pack with ten filters costs $1.40 approx.

4. Pall Mall:

 most expensive cigarettes
Considering as the first premium cigarette in the world this one of the most expensive cigarettes was manufactured by the R.J tobacco company in 1899. Its taste is so different, smooth and long lasting. It comes with different colours like black, orange, green red and white. With the appealing luxurious packing its one pack costs of $1.45.

3. Benson & Hedges:

 most expensive cigarettes
Benson and Hedges is a British cigarette brand first founded in 1873 in Canada and still is the one of the most cigarettes in the world. The brand was owned by several companies and its quality, taste, style and packing varies from region to region with the preference to satisfy their customers. The pure taste of Virginian tobacco makes it more valuable. It has different types like white, silver, gold and gold super kings. Packet of ten filters costs $1.50.

2. Gold Flake:

 most expensive cigarettes
runner up at the list of most expensive cigarettes in the world is Gold Flake. The world renowned cigarettes are Indian branded owned by famous ITC Ltd. Company. Yellow tobacco is used to make these cigarettes and honey drops are further used in them. Gold Flake is considered as the cigarette for elite class. Different variety of Gold Flake cigarettes is Gold Flake light, Gold Flake Kings and Gold Flake Kings Light. Price of one pack is $1.50 approx.

1. Insignia:

 most expensive cigarettes
The world’s most expensive cigarettes is Insignia which is also Indian branded, manufactured by ITC Ltd. Company. Introduced in Mumbai in 2003 and successfully spread quickly in the whole world. Standing on number one according to the price Insignia cigarettes are also on top regarding quality. It has attractive black packing with the expensive variants such as cool mist, wills lights, Indian kings lights.These cigarettes are higher than a brand with their reds and kings. The price of its one pack with ten filters in it is $1.60.


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