Top Ten most Famous Art Galleries in the World 2017


Art Museum or Art Gallery is the space where art is exhibited, particularly the visual art. Art galleries retain the history, tradition and culture by means of drawing, paintings and Sculptures. Artists behind these things try to show history of previous thousands year in modernized period.
Art museums present paintings, pastels, costumes, prints, books, colleges, photographs and different other things. Art galleries also organize major exhibitions, events, concerts, poetry shows and educational programs.
It’s not just fun to visit an art gallery, it increases your experience with splendid masterpieces on the planet. A number of art museums are positioned in the world but there are few ones that are most famous because of having extra attractive buildings, art work and other collections. Following we have presented top ten most famous Art Galleries in the World 2017. These type of art museums attract billion of people towards their amazing and richest gallery collections. An individual will lost at one of the gallery, atleast for a day. Check out the best ones below, these are picked on the people traffic.

10. “Musée d’Orsay”, Paris

most Famous Art Galleries

A museum of art positioned in Paris, France. This is one popular art gallery in the world. This gallery was opened in 1986 and its collection consists of post-impressionist and impressionist masterpieces, by the popular painters Manet, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Sisley, Seurat, Cezanne and Gauguin etc. it is also listed in Europe’s biggest art galleries and now presented here in top ten most famous Art Galleries in the World 2017. Millions of individuals visit the gallery all over the year. Gallery “Musée d’Orsay”, Paris organizes great exhibitions and events. If you are going to a Paris trip you must visit this rich place.

9. “National Museum”, Korea

most Famous Art Galleries

Not known by many people on the planet but this “National Museum”, Korea is presenting the most popular art galleries. Various events are organized here in this art gallery every year, like seminars, educational programs and exhibitions. The gallery contains the art work including sculptures of Lord Buddha, ceramics, antique paintings and other new paintings made of leading artists, associated to daily routine of a common person. “National Museum”, Korea comprises more than 220,000 masterworks of art, drawings, sketches and paintings. The gallery provide us eye-catching views and attract individuals worldwide.

8. “National Art Gallery”, Washington

most Famous Art Galleries

Positioned at National Mall of Washington, D C it is another biggest and popular art gallery in the world. The gallery was opened in 1937 by Eral a Powel. “National Art Gallery”, Washington holds an east west building structure and has sculpture garden surrounded by huge fountain. Fans of modern art are attracted to east building where the work of Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock and Roy Lichtenstein is exhibited. The collection of this art museum include paintings, prints, drawings, medals, photographs, decorative art items, and one painting by the popular painter “Leonardo Da Vinci”. Various educational programs, exhibitions and events are organized here every year. That’s why included in the list of top ten most famous Art Galleries in the World 2017.

7. “Centre Georges Pompidou”, Paris

most Famous Art Galleries

Also known as “Centre Pompidou” or “Pompidou Centre”, this complex building is positioned at Beaubourg zone in Paris, France. The art gallery was opened in 1977, 7 years after the rea completion of President Valery Giscard. In Paris it is the most visited point by tourists and natives. Individuals get attracted to its different building style. Its structure architecture is interrelated to Italy and Britain, they mutually worked for this art museum and made it charming with beautiful colour combinations. The art gallery “Centre Georges Pompidou” have a speciality that the leading painters Rene Magritte and Picasso make paintings and sketches for it. The gallery also offer libraries and coffee café.

6. “National Palace Museum”, Taipei

most Famous Art Galleries

Established in 1965 this popular art museum is positioned in Taipei, Taiwan. It has the collections of 700,000 art works and antique Chinese artifacts. Main building of the museum was started to build in 1964 with the designing of Huang Baoyu and it was completed in one year. But this structure was not enough to store a huge collection of masterpieces so it was redesigned with new invention in the time period of 1967-1994. The collection include jade, articles of Chinese bronze, ceramics and other various art pieces which make this gallery attractive to people that’s why included in the list of top ten most famous Art Galleries in the World 2017. Different events are also conducted at this art museum.

5. British Museum in London

most Famous Art Galleries

A London based museum of art that is globally popular as an attractive place for people. This British museum is well thought-out as the one biggest art gallery on the planet. It contain 8 million and over art pieces and also the oldest one. British Museum in London was built 1753,263 years back unlocked for public in 1759. Devoted to history of humans, culture and art all of the gallery collections are based on scientist & physician “Sir Hans Sloane”. The deputy directors of the museum are Joanna Mackle, Jonathan William and Christopher Yates with different responsibilities. In 2015 Hartwig Fischer was announced as the art gallery director.

4. Tate Modern Gallery in London

most Famous Art Galleries

Designed by “Sir Giles Gilbert Scott” this art museum was opened seventeen years back in year 2000. The art gallery was built between the 1947-1963 stages. It comprises beautiful paintings and other modern art pieces. Various facilities like seminar halls, bookshops and auditoriums are also provided. For visitors refreshment there are made bar and restaurants. These services attract a lot of people all over the world, that’s why included in the list of top ten most famous Art Galleries in the World 2017. The gallery have paintings including 19th century’s oil and canvas paintings using glittery colours.

3. National Gallery of London

most Famous Art Galleries

Established in 1824, it’s a beautiful art museum positioned in a central London city Trafalgar square. The old but an attractive point of visit for individuals. After the first construction on the design of William Wilkins, many further constructions are done due to weak design and lack of space for art works, but this modification was done very nicely by British Govt. in 1897. Current director of this National Gallery is Gabriele Finaldi.

2. Metropolitan Art Museum, New York

most Famous Art Galleries

US’s largest art gallery also the one largest in the world, this Metropolitan Art Museum positioned in New York comprises almost 2 million art pieces in different 17 departments. There are separate segments for different countries in which they can show their art works permanently. The collection include ancient Egypt, classical antiquity, European masters paintings, American collections of modern art. In 1870 this gallery was built by the collaboration of artists, financiers and businessmen. This is also used for art education to American natives. All specialties brought it here in top ten most famous Art Galleries in the World 2017.

1. Louvre Art Gallery, Paris

most Famous Art Galleries

Stands on number 1st due to its very special qualities. Louvre Art Gallery in Paris, France is the biggest and historic monument in the whole world. It is the most visited art gallery on the planet. Nearly 7.4 million individuals visited this place in year 2016.
Established in 1793 it started exhibition with almost 537 paintings and now it is presenting 35000 art masterpieces. Divided in eight segments there is one special painting of Mona Lisa that is displayed on the wall of this art gallery while its other collections include paintings, jewellery, costumes, mummies, weapons, tools and other attractive things, that’s why included in the list of top ten most famous Art Galleries in the World 2017.


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