Pakistan’s Contraband With Bollywood


Rowdy’s love affairs in the world of cinema, neighbors of India and India have historical importance. Tensions of real world border torn asunder because of this on and off. Once again film industry romance is on the ropes because of recent attack in Kashmir.

Recent famous movie Raees was released in pirated print in Pakistan because of the tensions between two countries and shopkeepers told that master print quality of this movie can be had by anyone in just 100 rupee. This shows that as tension was going on between these two countries still it got released in Pakistan.

Pakistan and India has got four Wars between them since now but still their cultural activities and shared languages matches a lot and still with issues and tensions Pakistani singers such as Rahat Fatah Ali khan and Atif Aslam is one of the favorite singers of Indian community.

Because of these singers also the number of Pakistani actors also made their debut in Bollywood industry and they also got importance such as these singers got and these actors are Ali Zafar and after Ali Zafar, Fawad khan gave his debut movie in 2014 and now in 2017 Mahira Khan gave her debut movie Raees.

Beside this entire Fawad khan’s movie Kapoor and Sons also faced the tension phase because of the attack in September on military Camp in territory of Kashmir at Himalayan, in which 17 Indian soldiers got killed by four suspected militants by Pakistan.

Because of the Patriotic rights organizations in India, they banned Pakistani artists and as result of this Pakistan banned the releasing of Indian movies in Pakistan from October 2016 and then phase of tension started between these two countries and now on 31 January 2017 government of Pakistan lifted the ban.

Because of the ban still people in Pakistan were able to watch Raees in DVD prints reported by shopkeepers.


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