Published On: Thu, Oct 15th, 2015

Parliamentary Elections In Egypt: Women’s Ban To Enter In Polling Station Due To Uncivilized Dressing


Politics: Elections season start everywhere, what is this? Women’s are ban in polling station..Due to uncivilized dressing.


As the elections start everywhere and will be held in Egypt in next week, all arrangements for the election in Egypt have been completed and roundabout 56 billion people will cast their vote use their right, Eleven thousand polling stations are ready for elections.

According to the statement of Major General Rafat Qmsan all elections arrangements are completed very peacefully. the election process will be clear many foreigners will also monitor the election process according to news almost sixty-one foreign organizations will monitor the whole election process so the election will be clear.

To cast a vote and choose their leader is everyone right but what is this? Women’s are banned to enter into polling station the reason was the dressing of women’s. Mainly in Egypt Women’s wear uncivilized dresses during casting votes that are why Egypt government banned women to enter into polling station.


According to the statement of Major General Rafat Qmsan, he said that we are not organizing a fashion show and not displaying women’s as showcase, so I appeal and request all citizen not wear any uncivilized dress which are not according to our culture if women’s wear uncivilized dress and come for casting vote, they are not allowed to enter into polling stations and they are not able to cast their votes and use their right.

He also said that wear dresses according to our culture and don’t wear any uncivilized cloth which will create problem for you and for our organizer too at the time of Vote casting.

Parliamentary elections are expected to held on 30th October 2015, so let see what will happen are women’s strictly disallowed from polling stations or will be allowed to enter in polling station for winning purpose? What you think?


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