Power Chain Braces


power chain braces

Power chain braces are not actually the braces but actually these are ligatures that help to hold your brace wire to each teeth bracket. They are made of the same plastic material as simple ligatures are made of. You heard at your orthodontist clinic about power chain braces when you visited there to know about applying braces on your teeth. Power braces are shaped in O-rings connected to each other and form a chain. The only difference in regular braces bands (ligatures) and power chain braces is the regular ones are not connected to each other they are applied individually on teeth. When you go to your dentist to put braces on your teeth, you’ll be offered two options simple rubber bands or the power chain. And you are not the one who will search on power chain braces purpose, results, varieties and everything about power chain braces as it’s a new term to individuals.

Purpose of Power Chain Braces:

Now-a-days modern braces requires rubber band which are known as ligature which are used to hold the brace wire inside the bracket. And one new invention is power chain braces the new rubber bands (ligature). O-rings shaped a chain of rubber bands, now preferred the most. But sometimes both are applied which depends on the requirement of teeth.

The common point in the purpose of power chain braces is closing the gap between the teeth and stop them from moving apart because they are more powerful in forcing your teeth move faster by creating tension between teeth and power chain also tightly hold teeth together. Power chain braces also supports the teeth with the grasp of arch wire to teeth. Power chain braces are also used on specific group of the teeth same time with another group.

They are not used at the start of treatment for each individual there are different stages like alignment, space closure and detailing. They are applied to move teeth up or down, basically the purpose of power chain braces is to instruct teeth where to settle. One thing you should know about power chain braces is that your dentist will not remove them even after closing gaps or the right placement of teeth until he/she will get ensure about the balance of treatment.

Varieties of Power Chain Braces:

power chain braces

If you give a look at your surroundings you’ll see various people having the coloured rubber bands on their braces wire which is so long chain, this are called power chain braces.The non-connected rubber bands applied on braces wire are commonly as ligatures. Ligatures are also available in different colours so as the varieties of power chain braces but ligatures have more colours available. They are available in colours like tea, coffee, red wine and extra curry and one the most classy colours are silver and smoky, light blue and blue colours also looks good but they will fade away as your teeth get brushed.

Power chain braces are also available in different structures and shapes but this will not to be selected by you. Your orthodontist will choose the shape and structure of power chain braces which depends on the treatment goals.

Power chain braces Timings:

power chain braces

This question will arise in your mind for sure when you are deciding to wear power chain braces. Best time to wear power chain braces?Power chain braces offer benefits for all age groups as it is said that no one is too young or too old to get power chain braces or ligatures, all age people can get straight teeth, correct abnormalities and close gaps by power chain braces. But the best time to wear power chain braces is teenage as teenage is the best time for every type of change. Now the second question is how long power chain braces should be wear? Every person has different timing to get any type of change in self. Same the teeth will take different time for each individual and there is a specific time in which your teeth’s gap will close some people feel rapid changes while others take 4-6 months. The best timing will be decided by your dentist about the remove of power chain braces as he/she will accomplish treatment goals. And during the treatment is continued your dentist will change your power chain braces or ligatures at different appointments as they lose tension as with the movement of teeth, high force is used to tighten the teeth which also causes discomfort and slight pain.

Do power chain braces hurt?

The answer is YES. Your power chain braces will hurt and cause pain in teeth as there is tension and tightness on them. But this pain is just for few days and after some days it will get to normal. It is recommended that in initial days you should eat soft food to decrease the discomfort in teeth. One other thing about power chain braces, they get stained by the meal and food get trapped between the chain so should brush your teeth right after taking meal.


The results are always good. Either it takes less time or more it will give you the desired results. You are just needed to follow the instructions which your dentist prescribe you. Orthodontic treatment is common now because every person needs it.

After the treatment you will get straight teeth with no gap and this will benefit you in two ways: tour smile will be the perfect and you will walk with high esteem confident.


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