Ram Gopal Verma called Tiger a ‘Woman’ while drunk


Ram Gopal Verma called Tiger a ‘Woman’ while drunk

Yesterday, it was reported regarding tweets of Ram Gopal Varma on Vidyut Jammwal and Tiger Shroff. He was demanding a fight among Vidyut and Tiger openly stating that the Tiger has power to blow down Vidyut with a single hit.

After this, Vidyut had a phone conversation with RGV where filmmaker spoke complete garbage in drunken condition. Whereas in tweets he was favoring Tiger, in phone conversation, Ram Gopal Verma had an entirely dissimilar story to relate. RGV called Tiger a ‘Woman’ and in addition utilized stinking language to talk about him.

In defense, Vidyut posted recording of the call on Twitter plus uncovered Ram Gopal Varma’s hypocrisy.

This is extremely disappointing. Earlier, RGV had made a vulgar comment and called Tiger a ‘bikini babe’. Afterward, he had vindicated his remark by saying, Tiger and Jackie Shroff his father are good friends of his moreover he only had good intentions for Tiger.

We speculate what Jackie and Tiger Shroff need to state subsequent to this phonic conversation among RGV and Vidyut.

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