Ranveer Singh tricked by Diana Penty and Alia Bhatt


Ranveer Singh tricked by Diana Penty and Alia Bhatt

We were delighted to sizzling chemistry among Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh in ads of the airlines, although both have not even worked in a movie together up till now. And at the present, the airlines ad is again here by means of one more kickass advertisement, by way of the adding up of Diana Penty.

We observe a lively Alia attempting to discover the region (state) of which an apparently polite Ranveer belongs to, all by means of his classy accent and dressing. And yes, the means she decepts him into exposing that, in the presence of a reticent Diana, everyone who has watched it is floored while laughing, obviously. Look at it, if you desire a measure of amusement in an apparently boring day.

We actually cannot wait to grasp these 3 in a film together, particularly Alia and Ranveer. We anticipate the directors of casting are paying attention.


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