Published On: Mon, Oct 10th, 2016

Surgical Strike was not Aimed at Humiliating Pakistan Army: Official


Surgical Strike was not Aimed at Humiliating Pakistan Army

The strategy of government aims for the acknowledgement in public for the strikes in the Line of Control which was humiliated with the Pakistan Army and they were embarrassed. They could not get a chance again to get this at a low risk in the state policy of instrument.

Some thinking can be disclosed which was behind this policy shift after the attack of Uri and it was said by a top official India which cleared it from Day 1 that the Pakistan Army humiliation was not in the interest of India.

Humiliation is not accepted by army. It is always good for Pakistan to get a better understanding of the involvement of cost in the covert war it is going to fight against India. Officials call it a counter terrorism operation.

After the strikes of two weeks, it was announced officially that New Delhi feels to become able to message the debate to the whole Pakistan.

Strong Message

The echelons of top government believed in the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif who was able to find the feet again. There is this thinking of Sharif that he must understand the violence won after the Kargil war.

South Block has a view for the strikes which helped the PM Pakistan to deal with the Pakistan Army. These strikes were set by the official shoot of the stand outs.

Such coordination and precision was never happened before this according to the officials. The scope of sheer strike was with the fact that commandos of India managed to go out and come in without the main message of the Pakistan Army according to the officials.

No intent to escalate matters

By doing this, India will not intend to escalate this matter and it will remain prepared with this retaliation.

The corps of Pakistan army commanders was very upset with these strikes. At the same time, the officers of Pakistan Foreign office were expressing their concerns deeply with the fallout of Uri attack.

The cancellation of the Summit of Saarc was with the lack of response for the capitals of its town with the efforts to build an international pressure on the India over Kashmir and it was a result of the Rawalpindi’s failure till now. On the other hand, these officials pointed out all the single country against the strikes of LOC.

There were voices of the support which asked Pakistan to act in the terror group against the soil. The evidence questioned about the India which was an evidence of the escalate matters to put them in support of the special operation.


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