Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in The World 2017


An intelligence agency refers to a government institution which collects, analyze and exploit valuable information and intelligence to protect the national debts.

The intelligence agencies help country to cope with security matters and to protect the nation from likely security breach; the core purpose of spy agencies is collection of secret information to secure the country from any internal and external happening which harm the stability of state either economically or politically.

The intelligence agencies also provide indirect security to tangible and intangible infrastructure of the country like nuclear program or any document containing sensitive information.

Personnel of any intelligence agency has been called agents, spies or undercover officers who vowed to devote his life and worked as secret agent for the state. Here are top 10 intelligence agencies of 2015 are given which are working in present for its respective countries to lock the safety of nation.

1. Inter-Service Intelligence, (ISI) Pakistan

The Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (Inter-Services Intelligence) is the premier intelligence service of Pakistan, founded in1948. It has responsibilities of collecting information of critical national security and intelligence assessment for Government of Pakistan.

American Crime News declared Pakistan Inter Services Intelligence as world’s best and strongest intelligence agency, headquartered in Shahrah-e-Soharwardi in Islamabad. ISI is most known and famous agency among three agencies working in Pakistan; others are Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Military Intelligence (MI). ISI is known as command immense power in the Pakistani establishment, referred to principle brainpower organization of the country.


2. Central Intelligence Agency, (CIA) United States

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is most prominent and familiar among other United States National Security Agency (NSA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). CIA has been founded in 1947, considered as an independent and top agency in the whole world.

The prime functions includes acquiring and analyzing information about foreigners, public relations for required data and underground operations at the direction of the president of United States. The agency headquarter is located in Langley, Virginia, a few miles west of Washington.


3. Secret Intelligence Service, (MI6) United Kingdom

MI6 formally known as the Secret Intelligence Service was created just before the World War I for the possible reach the activities of the Imperial German government. The Agency headquarter called SIS Building, has been situated in Vauxhall Cross, London.

MI6 has been closely involved in various conflicts in 20th and 21st centuries but not officially acknowledged till 1994. The secret front line” of Britain`s national security has responsibilities to keep close eye on internal and external terror activities, organizations and countries which could harm national defense and state security.


4.  Federal Security Services, (FSB) Russia

The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) is the principal security agency of the Russian Federation and the main successor agency to the USSR’s Committee of State Security (KGB).

Formed in 1995, the agency is committed to the country for intelligence, counter-terrorism and security enhancement and defense security. It has at least 250K personnel containing undercover agents, secret officers and foreign spies; it’s mainly fight the state crime, terror acts, drug smuggling and other internal security violence in the country.


5. Bundesnachrichtendienst, (BND) Germany

The Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Federal Intelligence Service was established prior to World War II to spy the enemies’ strategies and plans, headquartered in Pullach near Munich.

The Budget of BND is in billions as it used most modern technology to spy over its enemies for national security concerns, considered as one of the best and well-organized intelligence agencies in the world. However, the main objective of Agency is surveillance of sensitive issues referred to domestic and foreign intelligence.


6. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), India

Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is India’s independent intelligence agency created in 1968. The agency head only reports to Prime Minister, not answerable to the Indian Parliament in any way as compared to other western intelligence agencies.

however, its prime purpose it to accumulate information regarding terror activities in the country which faced number of terror attacks in past years. RAW main focus is India’s neighbor Pakistan, engaged in many operations against Pakistan with physical secret basis in the country.


7. Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieure (DGSE), France

The General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) replaced the replacing the older Service de Documentation Extérieure et de Contre-Espionnage (SDECE) which has been formed in 1982. Despite of its recent formation, the agency went responsible for the collection and interpretation of intelligence for sensitive concerns of France.

The Agency has not famous as other intelligence agencies but claimed that it has prevented 15 terror attacks in France; with a personnel of 5000 it works under the Safeguard Service of French Government and has been placed on seventh number in our list.


8. Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS), Australia

The Australian Secret Intelligent Service (ASIS) agency has been founded in 1951 by the executive power of the Commonwealth, the mission of ASIS is ‘Protect and promote Australia’s vital interests through the provision of unique foreign intelligence services as directed by Government’.

Intelligence agency of Australia is also lined up in top intelligence agencies of 2015 as it has wide hold on intelligence all over the world with its disperse personnel. There were many controversies in the ASIS; however, it has been resolved with conversion of it into a statuary body.


9. Ministry of State Security (MSS), China

The Ministry of State Security (MSS) is the intelligence-security agency of the People’s Republic of China, the headquarters located near the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China in Beijing The agency has been responsible for counter-intelligence, political security and far-off intelligence.

MSS is working parallel to the public security bureaus but has non-state security matters often collaborate both for the large extent. The Agency was established in 1937 which has been founded in 1949 by Communist Part of China, collected antithetical information for civil war in China.


10. The Institute For Intelligence and Special Operation (MOSAD), Israel

MOSSAD is the intelligence agency of Israel, most active organization in the country committed to collect intelligence involved in counter-terrorism and various covert operations. The director of agency is bound to report activities to the head of state Prime Minister of Israel.

Contrary to others MOSSAD is considered as most powerful agency due to scarce widened resources, the undercover agents has been present in various countries to collect the valuable information for the country. Mossad’s most notorious unit is the “Special Operations Division” or Metsada which has involved in many assassinations and secret operations worldwide.



  1. All nominees are right on facts but RAW is misplaced or miss typed. Raw always lies at no 9 or 10 how it comes at no 3? There is nothing significant that RAW has achieved this year so how it comes at no 3 from no 9 or 10? Publisher must review it must be typing error.

      • We Dont Have To Be Sad Buddy Our Pakistan Intelligence (ISI) is On top 🙂
        And We Proud to Be A Pakistani

        • Ypu are proud of ur country you people teach that hinduism is bad for society and indians have always killed pakistanis?You people shoulde be ashamed of urself you started all wars against india and always lose.Funny that u people are proud of isi that’s why you are prpud of pakistan which is 2nd on global terrorism index. Haha….

          • Yeah a list made by a Muslim i bet you people can speak as much ridiculous things possible isi is no.1 that’s a funny thing pakistan lost 3 wars to india isi wasn’t able to do a single thing just giving shelters to terrorists alone can’t make you no.1….

          • first of all, if u think this list is made by a muslim and donot agree then why come here, can go somewhere else
            secondly, which three wars u r talking about, 1948 , 1965 and 1971. 1948 war ended in cease fire, 1965 war had different results in different areas and u should probably know what happend in lahore in 1965 war ( study it ), 1971 war we lost cause bangladesh was too far to send aids and U got hep from USSR but no country helped Pakistan.
            lastly, We really dont give shelter to terrorists and are figthing a war against them like India, and i belive we both (India n Pakistan) should unite and take care of this threat. Many in Pakistan say that there is India’s hand behind every terrorist attack in Pakistan, so is case in India where U accuse Pakistan for terrorist attacks, i offer both the coutries to stop blaming eachother and live in peace.

          • You are just making shitty excuses, we had lahore at the time of ceasefire in 1965 and you lose bangladesh because bangladesh deserved independence from such a country. And america helped you in 1971, just the same way USSR helped us… we fought war on our own and won the war and pakistan got so much humiliated. If you are fighting a war against terrorism(which was produced by pakistan in the first place), then why do pakistan condemned the surgical strike which was done some days before..
            And for your info, ISI sucks …

          • A country whose army attacked a civilian bus, ambulance and is daily firing on the other side of border resulting in casaulities blames another country for terrorism and calls it a terrorist nation, haha funny, how does any of this make sense?
            STRENGTH of both Armies can easily be distinguished in latest life loses of Indian army on border on small fights started by india, what a shame. this also gives a clear indication what will happen in case of any war and clear any doubts on victory of Pakiatan in Past.
            We Pakistanis doesnot remember any help from USA in 1971 but who knows if Indians say they might have secretly helped us 😛
            Yeah we condemened , what u say a surgical strike, but we have number of reasons to do so, it was a attack on our terroitory and soverginity and we really doesnot believe that it was a surgical strike or aimed at elminating terrorism. It was another cheap act by India and a shameful lie that Indian government told their people
            What to say to a nation which elected a man who has commited massmurder (modi on gujrat)

          • Wow….you people are really manipulated by the army and the media of pakistan….everyone knows except people in pakistan or in some muslim nations that isi and pakistan is responsible for most of the terrorism…pakistan sheltered osama bin laden and after some years you people might not even consider osama as terroristif you think isi is no.1 nobody can stop in the myth and terrorist will born each day

          • Hahaha…When u cant defend urself, u are blaming Our Army and Media for False reporting, clever. What else can u can without any logical explanation? U call ISI terrorists cause u indians are afraid of it and there there is no other way u can comfort urself. Pakistan now holds 3 largest number of refugees and previously ranked 2 (before syrian war ) , and u call us terrorists . How do u think it makes sense? Rarely any Pakistani Nationalist supports Osama bin laden nor do Our Army or Intellegence supported his move. There are many terrorists in India so should we call u terrorits? How are we Manipulated by our Media and Army ? Is Modi not a Mass Murderer or U r not targetting LOC or Indian Army is not showing harsh attitude towards Kashmiris? If u think that that anything i said is false u need some research ,son
            Before accusing us for another false thing , answer all my questions.

  2. in ISI their lie real patriots of Pakistan they can even kill their own son if he stands against Pakistan Alhamdulliallah they have faith better then our talk we should not be disappointed and long live PAk army…and plz feel proud on being a Pakistani dont let any one abuse PAkistan….HAte you israel…..hate you india you can only bark while we do…

    • like india splintered pakistan in 1971….?
      cut off butchered and isi was nowhere.
      now they do jihad and support terrorists. pk has no control over ISI…

      • Kid remember 1965,1947,1999 war u kids lose !!!!!……… Ur general was trying its best but pak army shot indians as they admit defeat !!!… Plz search it on internet donkeys

        • lol a pig calling human as “donkeys”
          what war you won idiot,wars are fought to win your aim. this is not street fighting .
          what was your aim in 1947. to occupy whole of kashmir, you failed miserably, next in 1965 , you wanted again to occupy kashmir, you failed. your leader was not accepting ceasefire but ultimately had to…..a war has an aim. a need to happen, not like you wake up today and “say lets attack “, our misssion was clear to splinter pakistan, we did. our aim achieved.
          now dont tell 1999 war please you lost siachin…. how can you win if you lost a territory.

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          • OMG indians are so Funny hum Khalistan Nagaland sub Free karwaengy india se samjy?
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          • best of luck.
            come on. your hatred towards modi shows how you fear india.
            i dont know what happened to sikhs of pakistan. did they got sollowed by jihadi like you and converted .
            not to note your funny memes. your water is controlled by india and you leave no stone unturned to jump higher your capacity. your politicians like imran, nawaz have huge investments made in indian companies. you dont know…. you live in paradise. check the remitances send from pakistan to india . they are in tens of crores. stupid jihadi.

          • Abby o bc ye dhamki ksi or ko ja k diyo….
            Tm log apne mulk ki khyr mnao. itny tukry hn gy india k k koi count hi ni kr paye ga……
            1965 mein jo tmhari laal ki thi woh bhol gaye….. Shukr kro tmhari hkomat k rony dhony pr america bech mein a gya or tmhara woh hissa jo Pakistan ne opccupy kr lya tha tmhein wapis mil gya….

    • Right! Like you did when we Americans entered your territory, killed and abducted Osama Bin Laden, while the ISI were sleeping.

      • how you can prove that osama killed by american? that was a drama.
        why they threw the dead body in the sea??????

      • We approved that mission other wise Americans had no clue what to do.. Americans needed face saving for the shame and defeat in Afghanistan.. ISI is never sleeping dude. ISI broke Russia, ISI double crossed CIa many times for Pakistani interest. The best thing about ISI operatives is even a low ranking official can nevaaa think of corruption or conflict of interest against state.. Do some research Andrew u guys are distorting ur image by showing rouge agents of CIa and FBI in all of ur movies. Your x military men work as anti state missionaries. Americans are far better but dude Russia was bid too.

        • My friend Khan, let’s say for a moment that everything you said about the ISI approving the raid on Bin Laded… is true. That presents a more confounding picture of the ISI, and that picture my friend is not at all flattering. In the 21st century, I cannot think of ANY proud, independent, sovereign nation where

          (1) foreign policy is dictated by the intelligence agency, and not the democratically elected government. The CIA requires the US President’s approval for any major operation. But, the ISI and the Pak army played these games while the Pakistani PM sits in a corner with his mouth shut.

          (2) the intelligence agency “invites” a foreign special forces unit to conduct an operation on their own soil! Seriously dude, is that what the ISI really did?! I cannot imagine India or China inviting the Americans to capture and kill a terrorist on their soil! They are truly strong and independent nations that would never let their country be so humiliated before the entire world.

          So, whichever way you look at the Bin Laded raid in Abottabad by US Navy Seals, whether the ISI knew about the operation or not, either way it is a National shame for Pakistan! If that were to happen in a truly democratic country like the US, or India, the head of the CIA or RAW would have had to resign, But your Ahmed Shuja Pasha continued to enjoy his job and position despite such a shameful event in Pakistan’s history.

          If your Kaide Azam were alive today, he would have committed suicide, looking at the state of his nation.

          • Partially agree to your point 🙂

            Andrew for me ISI saved Pakistan to be a state like IRAQ, Palestine, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan. ISI nor Pakistan can come head to head with USA. USA can easily dictate terms to Pakistan. What if USA does another operation claiming Nuclear assets of Pakistan are in danger of getting into wrong hands. Or Pak has terrorist training camps ( which actually Pak have)
            Would Pak be able to stop it?? We are holding a thin thread. We have all unfriendly neighbors. Our survival skills depend upon military adventures and sometimes mis adventures. U.S is a true democracy? After U.S led invasions you know how many innocent people died?? Do citizens of U,S really want tax burden of U.S military campaigns?? and India ?? dude Just check violation of human rights by Indian regime upon their own people. India is noooot at all democratic.


          • Mr Ovais, as an American I have Muslim friends of Indian origin as well as Muslim friends of Pakistani origin, here in the US.

            And I can tell you this, from my own experience, my Muslim friends from India are a much happier lot than their counterparts from Pakistan. My Indian origin Muslim friends make more frequent trips to india, they took an active part in bringing Modi to power, and feel a healthy sense of pride in calling themselves to be of Indian origin. When their PM Modi came to the US, they organized huge rallies and gatherings in support of Modi. Unfortunately, in my Muslim friends from Pakistan, I see a deep sense of despair over the direction Pakistan is going, and they all seem to share a very pessimistic outlook of the future of Pakistan.

            No democracy is perfect, but to be able to practice democracy, where the political leadership exercises all power, where the army is subordinate to the political leadership, and the political leadership is subordinate to the will of the people… these are practiced by democracies like India and the US. For a Pakistani, it is too difficult to even comprehend the meaning of democracy.

            So Mr Ovais, before you start judging Indian democracy, try thinking of a time in Pakistani history, when the political leadership had power over the army.

            Good luck with that!

          • Dear Andrew,

            Usama bin ladin was creation of CIA like ISIS and BOKO haram,It was your CAI Face saving mission as you badly lost in Afghanistan. your country is run by Jews and you people are so coward that you killed people (Excepts JEWS who run you country all the 1100 Jews working in WTC were on leave )in WTC by showing the attacks were done by al qaida and you think world buys it. To control oil you invaded iraq to find weapons of mass are bloody hypocritics. if america is have the same weapons than why is stopping other countries to have only country to use these weapons is america. Now Iraqi and arabs understood having friends like you who stab in the back so that the can sell the weapons . I america more people are killed by bee attacks rather than terrorism. And you still use terrorism as excuse to attack other countries so that you can sell you weapons. you say Saddam was killler what about the atrocities faced by people in Palestine now have look at your selves how many innocents have you killed .who are killers .who are the cowards who kill their own people to get justifications for invading other countries and are running fucking UNO which is a bloody joke of an organisation. NOW I TELL AMERICA /CIA is number one agency in the world for this because none of other agencies can steep so low and led to the killing of so many innocents.

          • Dear Andrew what abt the 9/11 attacks? four planes from different airfields were hijacked in the so called super power America, they operated even attacked the pantagon but the CIA was sleeping. Isn’t so funny…

          • Sibghat Miya, here in the US we have a saying – “In a fight, it is not whether you get knocked down that counts, it is what you do when you get up that counts”.

            When the US and CIA got to their feet, after the 9/11 devastation, the world witnessed, how we entered Pakistan, without your permission, extracted and killed Osama bin Laden, and then came back with his body, while the ISI and the Paki army did not have the guts to retaliate.

            In today’s world, I cannot think of any strong, independent, powerful and self respecting country, that would allow US Navy Seals to enter their territory to capture and kill a terrorist, and still not have the guts to say a word! Pakistan is so impotent! Almost on the same level as Somalia.

            What we did for Osama, we could NEVER have done in India or China!

            So, before you point fingers, just compare yourself to your more worthy neighbors.

          • Mr Andrew where is the dead body of Osama? Why did the Americans not show it to the world?
            There is no film no record of such an important mission ,heightening the pride of the Americans….. Astonishing???

          • Being american or whatever do you really believe that the American actions are really for the sake of humanity?

    • Isi on the top!! Come on. Give me a break.. Funny thing is that the mossads are in last position.. They are the best in the world. Regarding Asia, Our RAW is the best.

        • The USA is still the most powerful country in the world!! Even with that Piece of shit President we have!! Our Military with the exception of Israel special forces are the best in the world. Israel having the most elite special forces in the entire world. I am not a Jew so this is an unbiased fact!. Just a warning to all of you who hate or oppose Israel, anyone who stands Against Israel stands against the creator of the Universe and if I were you I would repent and turn to the one true God and accept his son as your savior before its to late for you. I do not want to see my worst enemy burn in eternal fire, and I really mean that.

        • Do you know how a country should be when it is surrounded by enemies and backstabbers like Pakistan and China? We should be vigil at all time. That’s why we manage to break every pathetic attempt you’ve been doing for more than half a century to spoil our peace and harmony. But you can’t do shit. Our intelligence agency has the best people and most importantly they are patriots,who puts their lives on the line to save our country. All you can do is to fund the terrorist organisations and harbour international terrorists. That’s why Pakistan is swarmed with terrorists. I feel pity for the ordinary people.

      • You all can toot your own horns if you want, but if I were Armaghan I wouldn’t be bragging that they would kill their own children if they stood against their government, you sound like a real psychotic schizophrenic nut job moron for even bragging that!! You are really a lunatic Armaghan!!!! I cant believe you would brag something like that WOW, I bet your wife and children really love you……..Not!!!!!!!! Israel has the best Intelligence Organization in the world Armaghan, You Islamic trash. Islam is the religion of Demons and Allah is Satan himself! How can anyone be stupid enough to accept Islam, WOW! I bet you would throw acid on your wife’s face if she made you mad, which according to your comments your are surely Crazy! You are the scum of the earth. If you stand against Israel you will suffer the wrath of the one true God and Father and His begotten Son the Lord Jesus! I am Sorry that I wrote bad things about you but you Muslims make me so freaking angry I just had to tell you!! What you need to be seeking is forgiveness for your sins. Everyone has sinned and fall short of the Glory of God!! You need a savior because you have sinned otherwise you will have to pay the penalty for your sins and that is an eternal punishment. I have a few questions about Islam if you could answer I would be grateful. So when you die for Allah’s cause you get your own Island with 72 virgins? if this is true and eternal life also belongs to your wife, What will be her reward for being a faithful servant of Allah? is it to watch you have sex with 72 other women? You might be children of Abraham but you are not children of God!! Abraham had two sons Ismael and Isaac, where Islam is confused is that you believe Ismael received Gods blessing but this is false because it was Isaac that had received the Blessings of God!

      • isi is the best, because in all other nations, agencies are controlled or organised by the government, but here isi decides who should govern the country! fate….

  3. Bullshit, the best agency is MOSSAD , it cant be 10th.
    Pakistan’s ISI cant even control Taliban in pakistan, nor they can control the Balochistani rebels.
    This article cant be trusted

  4. When the American SEAL team “neutralized” Osama Bin Laden and extracted his body from deep inside Pakistani territory, without “waking up” ANY intelligence agency in Pakistan, the world came to appreciate just how good the ISI is in their job!

    • You really think that, huh.
      ISI knew Bin Laden was in Pakistan they gave intel to CIA because they wanted to do the operation themselves. US depends on ISI’s intel because it is the best agency in this region, especially because of their opeeration in Afghanistan, this is because they themself consider ISI the best intelligence agency of the world.

      • I am guessing you belong to either the ISI or the CIA, to have access to such classified information!

        So, in your “expert professional opinion”, the ISI wanted the CIA to catch Bin Laden, which is why they harbored him on their territory for almost a decade since 9/11. And during those 10 years, the CIA was wildly scouting the globe in search of the 9/11 mastermind!

        And when the SEAL team finally arrived, the then ISI Chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha exclaimed with glee “There you are, what took you so long?!”

        Very interesting!

        • Andrew carver i appreciate your intellect perceptions about logical fact but the one thing you must listen about the great game…if we take this Scenario as CIA is fully failed to do operation in afganistan an all world perceiving the image of super power like US work all in vain. US also threats to declared china’s first class economy in worlds map. so there is the strategic alliance between ISI and CIA. US not banned Pakistan Aid and in response US troop to do operation in Pakistan for bin laden. there is big question a person having world affiliation countries are fighting with each other US also perform operations in Islamic countries after catch up osama even a photo couldn’t publish whats the matter now US have the reason full of flaws to get out of his army from Afghanistan. on which US wastes trillions of dollars. operation in abbotabad near army acedmy with secure by radar in presence of ISI is impossible.

          • Agent 009, and my friend Syed Naeem… guys relax :))
            You are missing the point.

            This is NOT about the CIA 🙂

            This is about you my friends from Pakistan claiming that “ISI is the best”.
            Trust me guys, there is hardly ANY non-Pakistani citizen of this world who would agree with you.

            The truth is it will take the ISI decades to catch up with the truly great global intelligence agencies, or for that matter even your neighbor’s agency – RAW.

          • The ISI didn’t know about it because there was no Osama. Everyone knows it was all just a drama.

          • Right Sohail, there was no Osama in Abottabad! So, in your expert opinion, where is Osama now? Hiding in a cave in Tora Bora?


          • Good point Ali, and I am glad you asked!

            I am told the CIA was waiting for the 9/11 drama to play out in full, so they could use it as a pretext to destroy the Al Qaeda and exterminate its leader Bin Laden… which the CIA did, from right under the nose of the ISI, while the ISI slept.

            The point is, we never claimed the CIA is number 1.

            The point of this discussion is that “Is the ISI really number 1” as the Pakistani trolls in this discussion claim, (which no one else in the world believes)?

          • So You are Saying CIA was Involved Directly or Indirectly In 9/11.. Or CIA Allowed Terrorist(Their Own Agents)(not Taliban) to kill their people (like You).

          • Hammad miyan, the CIA had as much involvement in 9/11 as the ISI had in the 2014 Peshawar school massacre.

        • have you ever thought who is buying oil from places under ISIS controll although every country is against those terrorists who have butchured people.

      • So why isn’t ISI giving information to RAW on whereabouts of masterminds of Mumbai bomb blasts? It’s because ISI planned it. Rather than stop blasts in Pakistan through Afghanistan’s terrorist outfits and their own (may be the job of some other organization) they are more interested with India. Stop trying to prove yourself by screaming praises and doing nothing, rather actually do something and let the world see.

        • ISI specialises in espionage, be mature, every agency works for the interest of it’s homeland, they’re considered best because of their anonymity and tactics of warfare, and ISI has the best record as far as I can tell. Pak Army did in less than 2 years what America couldn’t do in 10 years, Eradicating Taliban. What about that huh??

    • Read the American Journalist Seymour Hersh,s report who says it was senior official from ISI who gave info about Osama to CIA and then both agencies cooperated and conducted that operation. Even US Navy seals were practicing in one of the Pak Army Base “Ghazi” 10 days before conducting this operation.

      Read another investigation report of BBC journalist Jane Carbil who investigated this operation for two years and visited that site too. he also says it was ISI who put the gun on CIA,s shoulder to kill Osama because ISI did not want to face the backlash of Al-Qaida operating on Pak-Afghan Border.

      Why Obama was thanking Pakistan,s cooperation soon after conducting this operation in his 1st speech after operation?

    • You know why ISI at number one spot? Because it is ISI who arrested more than dozen senior most leaders of Al-Qaida and Talibans where CIA could not arrest a single leader of Al-Qaida and Taliban even after spending 16 years in this region. Name any major arrest done by CIA in their 16 years in this region?

      American Black Water which were sent to destabilize this region were on back footed. Just search where are those black water groups now? Who Disturbed American by blasting American embassy in Afghanistan when they were trying to overtook ISI?

      For past record just read soviet war where the world super power and nuclear power was broken into 10 parts. Soviet war is world largest and most covert war ever fought. and it was ISI who beat them all single handedly. I can point out countless operation of ISI in India Afghanistan and others in past which are example for all world of intelligence.

      So this all make ISI number 1 in the world. No other agency have such record altogether.

    • For You info , As you don’t know the fact what was behind Usama’s Death. Americans informed Pakistan Army chief about the high value target and operation 24 hours in advance and also requested not to intervene. Then, The helicopters that took part in operation came from no-where outside..All were already present near Risalpor (Americans have a defense installation near Tarbela Ghazi, Pakistan)..All operation went with the will of American Ambassador who met Pakistan army chief in advance.

      • So according to you the Pakistani Army Chief (Ashfaq Parvez Kayani) willingly acquiesced to the American order of getting out of the way as the SEALS “invaded” Pakistan to neutralize Osama!

        In the 21st century, I cannot think of ANY self respecting nation that would allow the Americans, or for that matter ANY major power to humiliate them in such a degrading fashion… before the entire world.

        But, Pakistan has earned the ominous distinction of doing just that!

        Congrats bro!
        Your “Qaide Azam” would be turning in his grave to see what heights of glory his nation has achieved!

  5. This article is 100 % genuine and believe me ISI of PAKISTAN is The Best Intel in
    the world. This article as others based on certain checklist such as no. of
    crimes controlled, no. of terror activities controlled etc, means how intel IB
    is to tackle bombing and terror activities and of course no doubt Pakistan ISI
    is on top BECAUSE ISI IS A PRODUCER, DIRECTOR and ACTOR of all terrorist
    activities in the world mostly against Christians, Jewish and Hindus, and
    India. Remember Kuran revels ” Kill the non-believers and do not give
    respect to others if you are in majority as per syria law of “Darul-Islam”. ANY

    Pakistan is a heaven for terror and bomb planners. The Country was feeding the World
    terrorist, leader of Al-kai-da Osama Bin Laden, Pakistan Idol and hero. ISI is
    giving shelter and feeding terrorist who wants to kill everybody who is not
    following Islam (not a religion, actually, a political system and community
    started by Mohammed by attacking Mecca. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD ANY RELIGION OR PROPET WHO ATTACKED, KILLED NON-BELIEVERS AND FORCED HIS OWN UNDERSTANDING ON THE NAME OF GOD. Prophet means a divine and purified soul. Not a community of blood suckers and lovers.
    Kuran is considered as word of God.. via.. angel Gabrial via Mohammad wriiten by someone else as Mohammad was illitrate. So many trasmission channels in between.

    ISI is planning terror is all parts of the world so no surprised why on top in the
    list to control in its own country. Pakistan and ISI are world exporter of terrorism.
    So nobody planning against Pakistan

    war actually should be celebrated as Birth-day of Terrorism.

    actually happening in Pakistan at present is because of counter effect of
    feeding a wild animal that has now went out of control.

    is not even a country. It’s a slut of
    AID, first with America now China is enjoying And Arab’s are regular.

    ISI is an agent. Somebody commented “ISI has contacts in all parts of the world
    and can do anything by making just one phone call “… Great!!! many customers around the globe. Just use contraceptives
    and do no spread AIDS.

    luck if you know the reality and still proud to be Pakistani.

    country with no past, present and future.

    Cheers… so I agreedvthis is correct.

    • Hey Mind your language I have much more to say about ur religion & country believe me more than u My religion my Society tech me the manners how to speak and think twice before saying some thing so u just apologies for saying bad things about our religion

    • 1. It is Verse No. 5 Chapter 9 . Non Muslims quote this verse Without Context. There was a Treaty Between Muslims And Non Muslims of Madina When firstly Islam was established there. Non muslims broke that treaty which was to defend Madina At any cost irrespective of Religion. And muslims alone defend it. Then this Verse Came that now You(Muslims) are not bound to Follow treaty because Other party has broken it.
      Now if u Read this Full verse It Says next to it : And if they Apologise (Toba Karen) say prayer and Pay Zakat Then let them go, Indeed God is The biggest Forgiver(Like to forgive) and Mercyer.
      This Is OUR Religion
      In Very Next verse Quran says : If non muslims(anyone In Whole Wrold) Sake Asylum from You(Muslims) , Provide him Shelter and allow him to listen Sayings of God(QURAN) And then Take him up to a Peaceful Area and set free, This is Because they donot know You,Your Religion and God.
      2. Holy Prophet MUHAMMAD (SAW) Used to strictly Instruct His Soldiers whenever A war is Imposed on them To not to : Raise your sword on Females, Children, or not to Destroy Farms, Crops or Gardens of Enemy Side. Islam was not Imposed.. Islam was Offered to everyone. First Islamic state Madina, Was a joint Area of Muslims and Non Muslims. Half were muslims, other were not. They were Living Peacefully and Everyone following his religior
      When Holly prophet Entered Macka, after conquering It, His(Holy Prophet) bowed and He was praying God. Did not Entered like a KING.
      The 1st sentnce He said After reaching Near KABBA : Everyone is under Peace Who enter in his house, Everyone is Under Peace who Enter is ABU JEHAL’s House (Biggest Enemy of Islam), Today No Blame on Anyone. I forgive the Killers of My Uncle Hazrat Hamza. All of you are Free.
      Non Muslims were Alowed to Come , Sit Sleep And Even Say their Prayr In Masjid E Nabvi (Now biggest Mosque Of Islam, Madina). And Meal was Offered to Them(Non muslims) during their stay.
      Holly Prophet used to sit with and eat with Cristians and other Non Muslims.
      This Is Our Prophet Muhammad SAW
      3. Bible or Quran (or Zaboor and Anjeel) All 4 are Book of God. All Word of God. This is OUR(Whole muslim Community’s Belive). All are sent by Hazrat Jibraeel. Other 3 have been changed. Ads you may know, Old and New tetimon of Bible.
      Only Quran is in his PUREST form. And Will be untill Doom’s Day
      For Proof You can Check Google that Recenty Few weeks Backs Some Pages of Quran Written in Prophet’s Time 1400 Years Ago are founed by British University. There is Exactly Same Wording as it is present in Today’s Quran scripts.
      4. Lastly, Donot Pay Ateention to what Today’s Muslims do We are not Perfect , Pay Attention to what Islam Says It is the Perfect Religion
      GOD BLESS YOU, And DONOT EVER EVER use such Language for Our Prophet, We Cant Tolerate this. It is in our Blood. Infect for Any Prophet Of Any Religion.

      • If you are a pakistani muslim, most likely you are the result of rapes conducted by invaders. Your forefathers were converted and your women were raped so you converted to Islam…You idiots. Thats why none in the middle east treat you properly. They only want you to clean their toilets. Go clean saudi and UAE toilets. Poor you!

          • Dumb idiot, you never ruled us. You are a bunch of stupid idiots, who no one in the world wants. Go clean Saudi and UAE toilets…Oh..Sorry..they dont even allow you now to do that also. You pathetic idiots

          • hahaah wht abt karishna ? who rapped women on big scale hahah rapist product of rapist religion. And crying abt invaders who brought justice in this region and kicked out bharamin mentality. we will liberate dallits shudars as well to rule u bastards higher class Hlinduism.

        • hahaah no one treat us good? thats why we r now leading Muslim coalition army front. hahaha this kid is useless for parent as well and for country. He does not know anything. Dont waste ur time here dick. go watch porn videos. your own women are being taken as maid with cheap salaries…. And our even illiterate are doing labour job. Thing is u are still slaves simple……… The most real states owner are pakistanis and what abt india? just bunch of fking liars. u cant do anything against us IA.

        • ur women are so crazy that they offer everyone and u may not know ur father. ask ur mother who ur father was. maybe some kind of ebony guy

    • shut up. All nonsense. You bastard hindu piss drinker and pee worshipper can only speak hatred. WHy not talk about chanayka policy ? due to whom killed more than 1 lakh people were killed and burnt. And u idol worshipper pagans think we r fool enough to forget the massive killings of muslims, christains, buddhist in india? Just keep dreaming yourself. We not only ruled you but also snatched the land which is now better then ur dirty india. You rapist son of mandiri butcher does not anything. Your Govt is totally failed and keep speaking lies and lies. you r sponsoring the terrorism which is now quite enough evidence in the form of Kalbusham Yadev which u and ur media cannot hide…… so keep barking as hindu indian always bark.

      • No muslims, christians or sikhs get killed in India. You dumb idiot. Go check facts. In INdia, minority population is growing whereas in Pakistan, minority population has shrunk from over 20% after independence to less than 2% today. You inhuman pig headed monsters & scum of earth.

        • another biggest lie on earth. Dont talk abt muslims, christains, sikh. We all know who created 1984 sikh killings, 2002 gujrat , then Burning of bible in front of christains. Dnt make us laugh sucker. Pakistan minority in 11% those r random stats which tells other stories. Sucker. thats why rana bhagwan das was supreme court chief justice. U r just illiterate like inidian dramas

    • You chose “truth” as your name but after your fabricated comments ,the name should be changed to ” a world class lier “. You stupid hypocrite just because of people like you the world has turned into a hell.
      With your half brain and rest coconut you are quoting the holy Quran completely out of context….shame on you and your incomplete poor knowledge and the wisdom you probably borrowed from a monkey.
      Its not the glorious Quran neither its Islam rather its a class from Americans, Indians and Jews who want a world full of terror. Its because they can’t run their business successfully in a world full of peace neither they can fulfill the dream to rule all over the world.
      You disgruntle all your agencies are striving to divide Pakistan into parts since long…its the ISI not letting you stubborns get successful. Its the ISI alone fighting you jackals ,blasting your asses by failing your ruthless tactics.
      The Taliban’s or so called terrorists were created by you Americans because u wanted then to save your ass from the red army.
      9/11 was a fabrication by you assholes ….why?…just to find a way for your terrorism .
      You invaded Iraq in the name of peace…give a glance at the present situation of Iraq,if apart from the fact of being brainless you are not a blind as well…..Is there peace anywhere?. You have worsened the conditions .
      Because of your policies and lies and hypocrisy the world is very near to face a 3rd world war…
      You better stop speaking every thing excluding the truth….

    • Your country is breaking up and getting destroyed internally because of the brilliant ISI which wanted strategic depth. What did they give you, a whole host of terrorists who are busy killing everyone in Pakistan. Amen to you and Pakistan. Next up to be broken away is Baluchistan and after that KP and Sindh…You will probably be left with Punjab..doubtful even if that will remain…Best of luck.

  6. i am in confusion…raw does not even deserve 6 is should be on 8 or some where below 10 lol… any ways feeling proud to have ISI

        • abey half lundies katwe, apni camel urine peeke chaad gayi kya ?? “ISI at No.1” proves that this article is a fake, rest is not a concern

        • You are a pig anyhow….Pakistan was broken up in 1971 and it will be broken again ..Baluchistan next and after that Sindh. You have terror strikes everyday in Pakistan and still you think ISI is the best…Most dumb idiots that you can ever find. Do you know that pakistan is listed in the top 10 failed states?

      • A Russian president once said that if he had Pakistan’s army and Russian weapons he could conquer all the world because they are very brave.

        • Probably he was drunk. If you have Pakistans army, they would have ensured terror strikes across Russia and broken up Russia and ensured the citizens were fighting each other. This is what Pakistani army and ISI did to Pakistan.

          • I’m absolutely positive that if a Russo general said that it was in the time of the Soviets, and talking about the Afghans.

          • I agree. These Porkis are pathological liars anyhow. Why would a Russian general say that? As if Pakistan has even won a single war. And look what the Pakistani army done to Pakistan. Only fools would think that have done a great job. Russia is so superior in every aspect compared to Pakistan

        • Why would a Russian president say that? There has never been (to my knowledge) a Russo-Paki conflict. Maybe if he was Soviet and talking about the Afghans then yeah it would make sense. Because Soviet Union invades Afghanistan, can’t seem to win and gets frustrated. So they resort to harming civilians, but even when they did, my people still kept fighting and eventually the Soviets exhausted their resources and left. The only country to touch Afghanistan and still kick major leage ass, is my birthplace America. I’m pretty sure your probably gonna hate me immediately because I’m Afghan-American, like the two most countries you guys probably hate rolled into one.

        • This comment proves that all Afridis (including Shahid Afridi) have nothing in their head….he he he…can’t stop laughing….

    • lol… ISI ranked at number 1… what a joke… that too before CIA… ROFL … CIA sent troops in their backyard and were gone before the ISI could scratch their balls… xD

      • What if we talk about the incident of 9/11,Airplanes were hijacked.Two of them were on their move towards world trade center and one was heading towards pentagon.
        How about this ?
        CIA was’t aware of their backyard and before they could scratch their balls they got a strong hit from outside…
        I strongly condemn that incident but

        Don’t under estimate THE ISI.

        • Lets talk some sense here. An intelligence agency should help in the unity and integrity of a country and stop terror strikes. Take Pakistan, ISI helped create all the Taliban terrorists and terrorists to strike within India..What happened, they started attacking Pakistanis themselves..How is ISI good? It helped create a monster that is killing Pakistanis and will be responsible for the breakup of Pakistan. ISI is a dumb agency which created a monster that is killing pakistan. So to call ISI the best is to be stupid.

          • u dont know anything. SOn . Those TTP are raw based terrorists, A country like india who select terrorist as PM shd not blame other simply….

          • Idiot…You dont have any brains..Just like ISI and your army. Get used like a w**re and thrown out.

          • TTP is still supporting Pakistan. Here in Pakistan many terrorists after they were shot were not circumcised. Even tattoos were there on their bodies. There are culprit Afghanis whom the Indian govt buys and trains to spread terror in Pakistan. Of course they do not belong to the TTP.
            INDIA along with its fathers, Israel and America, trying its level best to destabilize Pakistan. Interfering in Afghanistan and Balochistan can not harm Pakistan rather the Indians ,in the long run, will suffer their presence there. How a jackal can capture and utilize the land where the lion has been ruling since long. The Indians are fools like a donkey once put on the skin of a lion until the real lion came and he started to bray even louder than he ever brayed before. You Indians have very short time left for the sacred presence you owed to the land mostly filled with Muslims.
            Even Americans,there in afghan,are very close to the events ,will witness their bleeding asses. As both Russia and China would willingly like to blast the american asses in Afghanistan . Both the countries are getting close to Pakistan day by day..It will be jubilant to watch the bleeding american asses and ,to more,the sealed the Indian asses to never shit again…..ISI ZINDA BAAD…..PAKISTAN PAINDA BAAD

          • Ofcource ISI is responsible for creating talibans because at that time it was the demand of the situation of confronting USSR. Even the so called peace preacher America was ,then, funding ISI to create and train the talibans.
            After the defeat of USSR the talibans made their own govt and set the Islamic law as the law of their country. The Americans could not digest a peaceful country because Islam teaches peace peace and peace only. Now the Americans started a propaganda against Taliban and Islam without Proving its hostile statements with logic and truthfulness( as they usually do against those who me they consider a threat against their goals of earning wealth and rule).
            The Americans then fabricated the incident of 9/11 ,killed more than 3000 Americans ,just to find a cause to invade Afghanistan. And semi atomic bombs in the name of carpet bombing were released ,killing innocent more than the guilty ones.
            Now the talibans are on their revenge .their mentality is being exploited by Indians to spread terror in Pakistan. The criminal behind creating the type of mindset is america but the sufferer is Pakistan after the Indians have established the training cams on pak- afghan borders.
            Unfortunately the Indians and Americans are so shameless that they never feel shame or any repentance after they deliver false statements, full of lies. It include in their tactics to speak out lies in such a high frequency till the lie converts into a truth in the eyes of the world.
            Shameless Americans are now working on converting another nation into an even more shameless stature than it possessed before…..the stupid hindus

          • Who is the fool? USA strikes areas inside Pakistan every day and your dumb ass army and ISI only look around with numb rage. Anyhow in your country you always talk about Conspiracy theories and think you are the best when in actuality you are one amongst the worst countries in the world. Just one fact, the Pakistani passport is one of the worst in the world and no one including your muslim brother countries give you visa less entry. Instead if you are Pakistani, you are taken care specially in virtually all airports of the world. Now you can start one more theory, saying Pakistani passport holders are loved so much by other countries that they get extra attention.

          • Maybe our present is worse but let me assure you our future is the brightest….its not Faisal Bhatti its the voice of the nation…..and you know when hope is sustained you have lost nothing…….
            There are two ways to be on a progress
            1st# to let your competitors down by all nefarious means
            2nd# Do your best
            I don’t know which way you like to be on to compete the whole world…..

          • When ISI created Talibans, America Called them “Mujahidiens”. Taliban Commanders visits US often and State department welcome them with open heart. Back then they were freedom fighters and US invested in them. When US attacked Afghanistan US named them terrorists. As ur name refers, u r a beta version and in test mode, so learn some history. Taliban’s purpose was to resist against Russia, not to strike India. When we were busy to engage Russia in Afghanistan, You on the other hand were busy to back stabbing Pakistan and sending ur troops to Siachen.
            Gay Hind

        • Wow…News….ISI found Bin Laden and stored him in a place where US found and killed him..Made Pakistan laughing stock of the world.

          • The US didn’t find shit, it was an ISI agent who informed them of his location. Obviously the US has a superior military so it’s not like Pakistan could stop them from entering, but ISI is a superior intelligence agency, which is embarrassing for the US considering Pakistan is a 3rd world country. All that tech and they can’t even compete with Pakistan, who’s the laughing stock of the world?

          • com on man get a life. ISI was created by former british in india in 1947 before withdrawl. You really turn the world into nausea.

          • So let me understand this. ISI found Bin Laden and informed US CIA and asked them to enter and take out Bin Laden? R u for real? Anyhow expected Pakistanis to be rational is going to be tough. They think they won all wars with India even though they lost 1/2 their territory. What can you say?

          • According to you the whole subcontinent belongs to you(Hindus).We took Pakistan ( east and west) from you. Now you took back half from us and gave it the name Bangladesh. Why didn’t you merged it with India as it was yours ? As far as Pakistan (then west Pakistan) is concernedconcerned, Even after losing 4 wars ( as per your saying) we have captured your territories and still in possession of the area( azad Kashmir,Gilgit baltistan etc)….

          • Whole subcontinent belongs to India (not Hindus). In india, we dont identify by religion unlike your dumb country. Whether we are Hindus, muslims, christians, sikhs, jains etc, we are Indians first. Let me ask you: Are Pakistanis arabs/ persians/ turks? What are you? Because neither the arabs want you nor the turks want you nor the persians want you? You guys are confused of your identity itself, so i doubt if you can even answer anything rationally. All of Kashmir is India’s, Not just Kashmir, Pakistan (except Balochistan) is part of India.

          • By not showing yourself and not giving your name you are justifying the false and portrayed blames.
            We are Muslims first and then Pakistanis……
            I am surprised a person ashamed of showing himself with his actual name is blaming confusion…..
            Come on why are you lying that you are Indian 1st and Hindus,Muslims or Sikhs after that…..if the case is so then why separatist movements are there ( I suppose more than 40).
            To be identified from a religion point of view there must be a religion and you know Hinduism is not a religion rather a set of traditions ,myths and illogical jantar mantars…..
            How can you disqualify my faith and confidence just by showing your hate to me whilst I am confident up to five hundred thousand percent that me and my nation will see ( very soon) the highest status ever observed in the world..

          • That’s right, it was the ISI who found Bin Laden and agreed to the US Navy Seal Raid when the US threatened to expose that ISI had been hiding him: “There’s an uncomfortable mystery behind Osama bin Laden living in Pakistan for 5 years” – Business Insider.

            So yes, the ISI found Bin Laden, and is far more efficient than the CIA, even though they have a much lower budget.

          • in the same way as 9/11. In which CIA was totally sleeping when most advanced air craft were hijacked and then we all saw how drama was expanded from afghan to iraq war.

            Even obl operation was fake one bcz it was planned to make help for obama election. All rothschild mafia game

          • We can watch videos ,available on net,of all those whom the Americans declared terrorists and then murdered them like Saddam, Qaddafi etc..
            Even Americans top missions are always linked and the progress is filmed by the cameras on their weapons.
            Where is the record of Osama’s assassination?
            Why the Americans threw the dead body into the sea ,on their way back to america,after they were accompanying it into their helicopters?
            Were those marines afraid of dead Osama?

  7. ISI best in the worldThis article is 100 % genuine and believe me ISI of PAKISTAN is The Best Intel in
    the world. This article as others based on certain checklist such as no. of
    crimes controlled, no. of terror activities controlled etc, means how intel IB
    is to tackle bombing and terror activities and of course no doubt Pakistan ISI
    is on top BECAUSE ISI IS A PRODUCER, DIRECTOR and ACTOR of all terrorist
    activities in the world mostly against Christians, Jewish and Hindus, and
    India. Remember Kuran revels ” Kill the non-believers and do not give
    respect to others if you are in majority as per syria law of “Darul-Islam”. ANY

  8. ROFL, such poor writing skills of author.. this website is built by a Pakistani for sure.. and ISI is number one? ROFL.. There are weekly terrorist activities in Pakistan while ISI sits on the number one rank doing nothing to stop them.. Get a life Pakis.. Focus on improving yourselves rather than creating a bogus ranking and giving the award to yourselves..

      • What is the progress report of RAW on eastern India: Manipur, Nagaland, Assam and A. Pradesh? Or do they themselves organize and facilitate the 94 terrorist organizations there?

      • Since when did Canadians start sucking at English? Or do you mean a freelance newspaper started by a Paki based out of Canada? It is so easy to fool you people with random stuff. no wonder why so many become terrorists when misguided by terrorist group heads in the name of religion. Use your brains please, at least once in your lives.

  9. A really good intelligence agency worth it’s salt wouldn’t even appear on this list or would be far down on it (in other words, the best intelligence agencies are the ones you don’t know about… lol) (which I guess is the reason why MOSSAD is so far down on this list. 🙂 )

  10. the biggest lie.. a country having world top intelligence has failed to secure country from terrorism..

      • Really Sarfaraz?? 🙂 You believe the ISI keeps you safe? Where do you live? Are you a few blocks from the ISI offices in Lahore or Islamabad? Try living for a few months in the SWAT valley, or the N.W.F.P. These are the snake pits of the Pakistani Taliban, where even Pakistani army soldiers have been butchered by the Taliban, while your ISI watches helplessly from their airconditioned rooms in Islamabad.

  11. The best intelligent services are located in Middle East! Every nations in the world has one ability and Middle-Easterns are great at intelligent services stuff!
    You can see here, a very poor country like Pakistan hits the top of the list! Don’t be surprised …it is true!
    In my opinion only ISI and Mosad are the best intelligent services and I don’t believe in other nation’s intelligent services… definitely ISI is much stronger than Mossed, but they are the only best ones! Maybe if CIA was not so much known it could be a good potential too!

    • People should be idiotic to consider ISI as a good spy agency as it is responsible for the state of Pakistan today. You have a whole bunch of terrorists killing people every day in the different areas of Pakistan.

        • R U BLIND? Look around Pakistan and tell me if any one feels safe. ISI did this to Pakistan. They radicalized an entire population and are now paying the price. How is it a good agency? What have they done to gain credit.

          • r u ever come in Pakistan?
            100% no so just shut up…

            ISI love uuuuuuuuu…

            RAW top 5 m bh nahi hahaha bechare munnay….

  12. I think apart from few ones on the list (admitting to be competitive to an extend), I think! the best ones are those who did survive being listed here! 😀

  13. wat a crappppp article… Whoever given this ranking is an absolute moron.. Mosad deserves 1’st place & ISI dont deserve to be in the list.. !!!

  14. My dear friend Hamza, I am a proud American, but we were ashamed of having sold Patton Tanks to Pakistan which India butchered during the 1965 war.

    Just Google for the “Battle of Asal Uttar” and you will realize just how the Pakistani army lost 1965 to the strategic brilliance of the Indian army.

    I wish we had armed the Indians instead!
    We could have said we supported the victors!

    In the eyes of the Western World, Pakistan was, is and always will be LOSERS!

    • Hey man first Look at your self before comment on others in my opinion ur country is loser of the century.U lose war in Vietnam, Iraq & Afghanistan and i also consider America as lose in 2nd world war as the were on edge of losing and use Atomic bomb(Like a Loser).I ashamed why our leaders choose america instead of Russia.

      • Dear Irfan, you make me laugh! America being called a loser by a Paki is like a “malik” being called a loser by the street side “bhikhari”.

        The world knows that Pakistan survives on the “baksheesh” that it receives from America. And Pakistanis line up the US visa office in Islamabad, to get a chance to come to my country and drive cabs.

        So, please don’t make me laugh anymore! Learn to stand on your feet, and tell your Army to stop begging for aid from America and China. Then talk of others being losers.

        I have more respect for your neighbors, Indians that You! Indians in the US are the most successful community of ALL communities living in the US. But Pakistanis are always lagging behind, and blaming everyone else, for their ” bekaar halat”.

        • hahahaha Andrew I’ve never seen stupid man like you lake of knowledge
          to drive cab is 100 % better then sell their wives and daughter for sake of $ !
          world No 1 in crime and rape is america its americal news report not my opinion
          you stupid don’t know who give you direction and control you all raper who don’t know about father and how many father you each have !!!
          are the person like U is laughing on my Country !!!
          i can understand what you feel about abc news which is mention about ISI is in Top Rank !
          is there doubt of loser american Military can can’t defeat Simply only Taliban In afghanistan hahahahahahahah
          49 country support these NATO stupid soldier force after 10 barking now they are saying table talk hahahahahaha
          I know you very well who are you and from where you stupid belong after reading my comment drink 1 urine glass and put your hand into your mother/Sister pant and rape their hahahahahaha
          endian banine chala hai American Tatoooo

          • Dear friend Jakhro,

            From your post it seems to me, you are a nymphomaniac, and a sexually frustrated ape. Did you just get released from Kot Lakhpat jail Lahore? Maybe.

            Let me ask you one question, if YOU really hate America so much, why does your ISI, your army, and your government come begging to Washington for American money? Do you have no shame or self esteem?

            That is the reason you are treated with such disdain and derision in the Western world. Oh wait… you may have to look for a English-Urdu dictionary to search for the meaning of “disdain” and derision” you Porki pervert.

          • Keep this disdain to your home
            I don’t have time to waste with an stupid like u
            I’ve already thrown the bone to dog (U) now it’s dog duty to keep bark

          • Bone to the dog?
            Now its my turn to say “Hahahaha” 🙂

            Your army and ISI come wagging their tails to our country, looking for the “roti ke tukre” that our government throws at them, and you are throwing a bone to your “maalik”?


            “Jakhro miya, dimaag to sahi hai?”

          • Right Rod!
            I don’t care who you think I am… but your comment tells me, you are a true blood Paki. When they lose an argument, Pakis resort to mud slinging at their opponents as the only means of defense they are born with. Good manners and civility are NOT really traits that Pakis have ever managed to learn.

          • u r indian and trying to act like american bcz u dont have guts to face truth. Once india get exposed we know they always bark clueless.

          • Mr. “giantmalik”, you really seem to be having a bad day today! I can see you spewing venom on every one here who happens to be criticizing Pakistan, for what it is – a failed state which no one trusts – except China and North Korea.

            And you did these updates in the last 5 hours!
            Why are you so pissed off, man?

            If you accept that mess you are in, as a country, you may feel a little better

          • First thing!What if we talk about the incident of 9/11,Airplanes were hijacked.Two of them were on their move towards world trade center and one was heading towards pentagon.

            How about this ?

            CIA was’t aware of their backyard and before they could scratch their balls they got a strong hit from outside…

            I strongly condemn that incident.
            And secondly (U)SA came to us,remember the soviet war in Afghanistan,you asked us to stop the soviets and defeat them,
            your leaders were begging to us for the clean sweep of the soviets, (we) ISI trained the MUJAHIDS. ,remember WE ARE THE GAME CHANGER……
            Your army is not capable of such things….

            Don’t under estimate THE ISI.

          • Nobody was begging for anything. We gave the money to the ISI so they could train and nobody would know about U.S intervention. If the United States were to train the mujahideen themselves then Soviet Russia would go apeshit amd declare war on U.S and possibly use Nuclear weapons. Obviously everyone was trying to avoid that situation. By the way Pakistan only trained and equipped Sunni militias, Iran stepped in to support Shia militias.

          • What kind of man r u? i have comments you have posted and everytime losing in argument . Do u have any self respect? because I dont think so.


        • Dear Mr. Carver It is so Sad that you Americans are in this position to say any thing to us as for American war Our rulers sacrifice more than 50,000 lives and billion dollars investment( which cannot come due to peace condition of Pakistan). Hey mate 9/11 was done in America not in Pakistan & no Pakistani was part of it That was your headache not ours.My request is just put your Dollars back in your Pocket & return us lives of those 50,000 odd Pakistani people lives that old peace condition of Pakistan of 2000s.Would you?

          • Irfan miya, are you a relative of Ashfaq Parvez Kayani? Maybe you are, maybe you are not. In either case your “maasoomiyat” makes me laugh! You really believe that America or India or the Western countries feel sorry for Pakistan because 50,0000 Pakis died fighting the Taliban? Ask yourself, who created the Taliban? The ISI, and the world knows it. So, now when the Taliban is butchering the Pakistani army, and the ISI is helpless, The Pakistani army and your helpless civilians are reaping, what the ISI sowed… that my friend is YOUR problem. Don’t blame the world for it.

            And who are YOU to say “just put your Dollars back in your Pocket”!!

            Mia Parvez Kayani, and now Raheel Sharif come begging to Washington, every year asking for more “baksheesh”.

          • Dear Carver Americans only now how to Blame any one.First of all if we created Taliban in Cold war what was the reason behind that? Who funded them? who Showed them hero in media and Movies like Rambo? Who want to Destroy Russia & be Super Power & Succeeded by Using Pakistan? Whose Foreign Minister Admitted that After Getting Our Purpose We use Pakistan As Tissue. I admit That Our Politicians Made A Huge Mistake But that Mistake was going with america instead of Russian Block and the Commit that Mistake Again and Again Whether It was Cold war Time or Time After 9/11. And Listen No One give money without any Logic If America give any Money to Pakistan We always pay a Big Price of It. The days in which our Politician understand this Logic It will First Step towards our way to Success.

          • Irfan miya, I agree with you on your latest post. There were mistakes by both the US and Pakistan in breeding the Taliban.

          • MR. Andre carver I have read all your statement . Now I m caling you pure indian . Because you’r just kid . You are not knows about American and pakistan relation. .

          • The relation between America and Pakistan is this – we Americans are tired of Pakistan’s double-dealing generals. They take aid from us and use it to feed the “good Taliban” with which the are friendly. They then use the “good Taliban” to attack US troops in Afganistan, and Indian troops in Kashmir. Then when they run out of money, they come begging to our doorsteps in Washington.

            I have been following our news media recently, and after some serious Senate committee hearings, the CIA and the Pentagon have recommended cutting the aid to Pakistan, just so you Pakis understand that we will not play along with your generals much longer.

            Unlike any other country, in Pakistan it is the generals who lead a life of power and luxury (using American aid money), while the rest or the Pakis live a life of misery and poverty.

            So Mr. Peter, where do you live? Do you have a luxurious bungalow in Islamabad… or a hut in Orangi Town in Karachi? If you live in a slum, you should blame your generals… NOT America, for your wretched condition.

          • Pakistan or amrika ka relation ye hy k amriki mardon mein taqat khatam ho gayi hy or apni mayn behnyn sambhali ni jati ab q k unhon ne ghory or khachar use krna shuru kr dya hy…..
            Is lye pakistan se pehlwan dhond rhy hyn unko control krny k lye!
            Ye jwab tere lye fit hy b.c out of topic batyn ch**dy ja rha hy facul mein…..

          • Meri bhi adat nahi hy ksi se badtmeezi se bat krny ki Irfan bhai, Pr aisy ch***tya bandn ko unki oqat yad dilany k lye krna prta hy. Jo saly nationality badal sakty hyn batyn ch**dny k lye woh socho bap kitny badalty hn gy…..
            Ye b.c indian hy or ata pta kuch ni hy saly ko thori angairi aati hy or dosra koi 1-2 point pakry hvy hyn 1971 ka or usama wala….
            Or hr comment mein wohi shoor payi ja rha hy…..

          • Mr Shah, I am glad you said that because your statement proves 2 things:
            (1) Pakistanis have an inferiority complex with not just India, but the rest of the world. And that feeling of inferiority will continue as long as Pakistan keeps living on Western aid money.
            (2) We Americans have begun to develop a serious admiration for India! But, like the rest of the Western world, our image of Pakistan is that of a pathetic country that has made ZERO contribution to the world.

            If Jinnah were alive today, he would have wept at the sorry state of his beloved nation.

          • You talk about inferiority complex but too ashamed to admit you are indian yourself and not American! Dummy!

          • wow u spole jinnah very early. and u saying u r american only hahha hahaha sucker liar. why hidin identity? bcz ur india is famous for oen toilet?

          • Mr. giantmalik, not sure how good your knowledge of world history is… but every chapter in world history has its heroes and villains. One of the villains of South Asian history is a man named Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In his lust to have a kingdom of his own, he gave birth to an illegitimate nation (in partnership with the British of course), and triggered a bloodbath of unprecedented proportions in the history of that subcontinent.

            Now, it would be too naive of you to believe that Americans have never heard of the cigar smoking, pork eating founder of your nation. Even a teenager with a laptop and internet can find that answer, if he had a history assignment to submit.

          • Whats wrong with being Afghan? I’m Afghan American and I’m proud of it. Just like your proud to be Paki or wherever your from.

          • brother thing is USA is blindly defeated under the shadow of terrorism and india as acting terror state producing scums like TTP and many. But both india and USA blaming Pakistan.

        • Do you remember Soviet–Afghan War
          I don’t think so I explain any thing…
          And v know where are you at this time…

        • Pakistan and china on the other hand us and dump india !!!… Who will win pak- china !! India and u jealous of pak – china friendship

          • Chinas military is garbage. United States has the only fifth generation jets in service. U.S Marines could hit you from the sea, while U.S Army Rangers would hit you from the sky. Then you realize that Special Forces, Delta Force, and Marsoc are kicking up a shit storm in your country and you dont even know it. Then you have the large number of Indians coming in and taking land piece by peice. We could even call a few favors and have Afghanistan hit Pakistan from the other side. All of this will be over before China can even think to mobilize. Don’t start wars with enemies way more powerful than you and your allies. I’m even sure the Russkies want China out of the picture, one less threat against them (not saying that China actually threatens Russia).

        • Hey mr Andrew the fake man you should laugh on loser American army because if Osama was in Pakistan as your so called media and establishment said so why your loser army searching him in Afghanistan from a long long time and spending too much money and losing your useless lives there think about it and grow up plz you loser

          • We Americans know now that the ISI was hiding Osama in Abottabad. It took our military some time to fin that out. But when we did, we entered your damned country, and killed Osma on your very soil, while your army and ISI slept in their posh Islamabad homes.

          • First thing!What if we talk about the incident of 9/11,Airplanes were hijacked.Two of them were on their move towards world trade center and one was heading towards pentagon.

            How about this ?

            CIA was’t aware of their backyard because they were asleep and before they could scratch their balls they got a strong hit from outside…

            I strongly condemn that incident.

            And secondly (U)SA came to us,remember the soviet war in Afghanistan,you asked us to stop the soviets and defeat them,

            your leaders were begging to us for the clean sweep of the soviets, (we) ISI trained the MUJAHIDS. ,remember WE ARE THE GAME CHANGER……

            Your army is not capable of such things….

            Don’t under estimate THE ISI.

          • Who would’ve been expecting a terror attack with planes? By the way if they had delayed their attack for at least one day, CIA would’ve caught their asses. But know now that the CIA has learned from past mistakes and we have stopped many terror attacks before they were even finished gathering supplies to complete it.

        • Well said andrew… there is a joke that is very famous in india… I the past 60+ years of indipendence of both the countries… the greatest achievements both the countries(india& Pak) achieved is Indian spaceships have reached mars while pakistanis are still trying to cross the indian border (probably to learn the space research technology)… lol…

          • Really??? Is it that hard for an American to pick up a few words of Urdu? I admire your intelligence Mian Najam! Which grade are you in … kindergarten? Oh! I forgot, you must be going to a damned “madarsa”!!!

          • Dear dumb Pakistanis, When will you realize that your army is one big joke and it created a monster that is now killing you on the inside. You lost all wars until date with India, DO NOT believe your text books, they are lies created by Pakistani state. Look how your east pakistan was taken away..Do you know why? because your army went about raping and killing innocent bangladeshis. Anyhow, you idiots love begging. Like you put your law on hold when the Saudis and Emiratis come and shoot your hubbaras inside Pakistan. So basically Pakistanis cannot shoot hubbaras by law but the law is bent so Saudis and Emiratis can come and shoot. ISI is the dumbest agency in the world

        • “I have more respect for your neighbors, Indians that You!” the grammatical mistakes in this sentence show from where you belong. i can understand if an american know few hindi/urdu words but when an american don’t know the difference between than and that… it sounds fishy, isn’t it? now don’t tell me it was a typo because ‘n’ and ‘t’ are not in close proximity.

          • Wow Rahim Miya! A Pakistani native flaunting his eloquence in English?! Your erudition in a language not your own, is impressive indeed! Did they start teaching English in your Madarassas? When did that happen? Take care buddy, if the Tehreek-e-Taliban came to know of it, the consequences would be pretty rebarbative for your Madrassa mates and your Maulvis.

            So, given a choice between teaching english grammer to Americans and trying to convince the Taliban to not kill you… you know which to pick.

            Good luck!

          • He uses pretty big ass words that, to me, seem like on a college level. (Still in high school, but it’s my last year so thats why it sounds so college like)

        • Americans are not loser we have to invent a word for them . i dont know what to call a country which creates organisation funds them arms then the invades other countries to fight these organisation as a cover to use the countries natural resources. I sept 2001 attack which was carried by USA only 25000 people were kill and you operation alone has killed 250000 people in iraq, now think who is the terrorist and you are in fools world if you think world still believes you and you are angles watch the videos posted by your army men who were fighting in these countries you will be ashamed to be american. If you county know pakistan is a terrorist state why do they still provide the funds just ask your govt. they can stop why dont they. indains are always most successful slave communities as they dont have balls to any thing back to your master and can ever wipe your asses. they having trainiing of more than thousan of years since Babar invaded india, they even give their daughters to their rules like JODHA BHAI was given to AKBAR , I Dont know much about the 1965 but i have seen in kargil war and in kashmir how coward an army can be,,..

          • Mr Ovais, you are either a good comedian, or have bad grades in history.

            But, the reason Americans keep giving aid money to Pakistan because your Army Chiefs like Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and now Raheel Sharif come begging to Washington, with their begging bowls.

            Neither the Indians nor the Chinese ever do that… which is why US treats them as our equals.

            Also, Pakistan is the only country in the world that does NOT have the spine to catch Osama Bin Laden themselves, so they have to invite a foreign special forces team (IS Navy Seals) to invade their country and capture and kill that terrorist.

            The Indians and the Chinese would never let US do that.

            So, I guess you get some perspective on your distorted view of history.

          • Italian navy shot a bunch of indian fishermen and they got away. Something about spine? Indians lack it

          • The 1971 war with India, and the liberation of Bangladesh should remind you mullas of who lacks spine.

          • Andrew is right on every count. Anyhow Ali Agha, Italian marines are under arrest in India. Pakistan has no sovereignty…Just see Americans come and bomb anywhere in Pakistan, why? Because your army like Andrew says begs from US and then accepts whatever they do..You howl and whine while America goes about bombing all the bad guys you created….You think they are good guys, but US is doing a good job in eliminating the bad guys in your land..Just about everybody hates u, including Iran, US, Russia, Saudi, India, China etc…Anyhow you are best when you beg. Keep begging

          • It’s always a lose lose situation for us. Like the terror problems, we sit back and they’re all “why don’t you do something?” And when we do something its “why do you have to butt in every situation?” Frankly its annoying.

          • I dont mean to be that one guy, but Navy Seals are special operations. Special Forces are what you would call Green Berets or ODA. Just wanted to clear that up. It’s nice to see a fellow American here, proving people wrong with facts and not just pulling bs info out of their ass.

          • This is what you are born with. Genetic liars. If you want to know what your own people think about you listen to Hassan nisar, tarek fatah, hussain haqqani, Pervez Hoodbhoy. Ohhh probably you won’t even recognize them. Count on your finger tips your successes anywhere in the world. The operating system that you are using or the search engine both CEO’s are India born. Had they been like you they would have been California shooters or London would be bombers who got life term. I think for a self respected person this should be an eye opener. But I know some breeds are just impossible. And you are one of them who can’t be treated. Don’t worry listen to these guys that I mentioned …

      • Vietnam was a conflict not a war. If our goal was to destroy the viet cong the yeah we would’ve won, but our objective was to protect south vietnam and halfway through that the civies wanted out so we had no choice but to pull out. Our goal in Iraq was to overthrow Saddam. Iraq was the 3rd largest military in the world and thd U.S dominated them in a month. Let me repeat that, WE DESTROYED THE THIRD LARGEST MILITARY IN THE WORLD IN A FREAKING MONTH! In Afghanistan our goal was to topple the Taliban regime and we did just that. So before coming here and trying to demoralize the American spirit, try getting you’re facts right. The use of the Atomic bomb was to simultaneously show our strength and end the war with fewer casualties on both sides.

    • good and it was te looser who broke up ussr and without this isi help usa would stand no chance. say what u will it will not change the fact isi is on top

      • My frield Md Nazeem, ISI is NOT at the top because it runs on American money. The day ISI stops begging for American “baksheesh”, and the day the rest of the Western world stops laughing at Pakistan, and treating it like a beggar, that is the day you can ask your Khuda, “kya hum number 1 hain?”

        The only reason ISI helps America is because “bhikhari” seen American dollars, and the ISI gundas start salivating.

        • Saly indian batyn ch**d rha hy. America teri amman gayi thi ya angraiz ay thy tere ghr jo tu amrika ka shehri ban gya???

          1965 mein jahan se tm log nikly ho na wahin dobara varra dya tha tm logon ko or ye jo apne bap ki zuban ko ly k bhonky ja rha hy na ye angraizi majburi mein bolty hyn hyn hmein koi shoq ni hy is ch**tiya zuban ka, Jald hi chinese worldwide use hogi phr dykhta hn kese tu chinese ni bolta. Or InshALLAH us k bad Urdu ka bhi waqt ay ga!
          Alhamdulillah, Pakistan bary arsy bad sahi direction mein ja rha hy. Allah Talla buri nazron se bachaye!

          Or jin saly angraizon k tu t**ty utha rha hy na tujhe khud ni pta shayd k woh khud free massons k ghulaam hyn. Sirf zahiri tor pr woh azad hyn lekin unka hr presedent masson hy hitory check krna sirf aik sadar tha jo masson ni tha usy din mein or sarak pe logon ki mojudgi mein mar dya gya massons k order pr!!

          Or jis mulk se tu khud hy whan 40% abadi to hindi ko qoumi zuban bhi nahi manti saly english seekh lety hyn pr hindi nahi….

    • Irfan kyani u r right ! India surrender in 1965 war and americans lost in afghanistan !! …… Isi the best even than americans as u remember ur army declared it foolish

      • Mr. Hussain, I don’t know who is kicking who’s ass, but for now – our drones are beating the shit out of your homegrown terrorists

          • Yes your excellency, you would use “whose”, if you were brought up learning British English. In contrast, US English has a spectrum of colloquial usages of the same word, which are used in situations flavored with pun or sarcasm, as this one. Such usage may sound unfamiliar in your part of the world, but is a component of mundane parlance on this continent. But, I don’t blame your ignorance of other cultures and variants of English language, as you probably have never traveled outside of Pakistan?

          • Abby o british english ka muqabla krny waly apni oqat bhool gya?
            History pta hy amrika ki brtaniya mein jinko mulk badr kya jata tha na woh amrika bhejy jaty thy saza k tor pr k jahilon k bech ja rahyn….
            b.c Hm muslmanon se seekh kr hmara shukrya ada krny ki bjaye apni oqat dykha gaye k kitny bapon ki paidaish ho tm log.
            Poory amrika mein aik bhi aisa mard ya orat ni hogi jo 1 bap ki ho mein is bat ki 100% guarantee dy sakta hn…..

    • bro just check the headlines of the top news papers of that time so you can know about the reality and please be pragmatic and dont just pretend to be an american as you know you are not… are an indian asshole pretending to be an american

      • Mr. Ahmed, I know you are really pissed off, when I mention our government’s disappointment at having sold the Patton Tanks to the losers. I know truth hurts! And in 1965, it really, really hurt the Pakistanis… as it did in 1971 as well 🙂

        But I am glad you are showing the true colors of typical Pakistanis… when they start losing, they become vulgar and abusive. No wonder the world hates you guys.

        • Abby saly ch**tiye jo imdad dety ho to us k badly nato supply ka rasta nahi milta tmhein b.c ehsaan faramosh!
          Tmhari hakomat ki awam k hathon kutty wali hony dety woh behter tha tmhari hakomat ko zazeel hony se bachaya usama wala drama kr k halanky k usama already 2004 mein mar chuka tha. Or us k badly tu 2 takky ka banda yahan battyn ch**d rha hy.
          Or b.c jis sawal ka jwab ni hota tere pas tu usko chor k topic hi change kr dyta hy. 9/11 ka pta hy kuch hua kya tha actual mein?
          Or israel ne amrika k aik ship pe attack kr k tmhari b**d wajai thi jb woh nuclear power bhi ni tha, uska tm kuch ukhar ni saky or idher hmary samny bakwas krny a gya hy.
          Apni oqat mein reh kr bat kr jesi tu batyn kr rha hy na aisa ghaib hoga k history bhi ni rhy gi teri koi!

      • An excerpt from Stanley Wolpert’s India,[92] summarizing the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965,
        In three weeks the second Indo-Pak War ended in what appeared to be a draw when the embargo placed by Washington on U.S. ammunition and replacements for both armies forced cessation of conflict before either side won a clear victory. India, however, was in a position to inflict grave damage to, if not capture, Pakistan’s capital of the Punjab when the cease-fire was called, and controlled Kashmir’s strategic Uri-Poonch bulge, much to Ayub’s chagrin.

      • In his book titled The greater game: India’s race with destiny and China, David Van Praagh wrote[7] –
        India won the war. It gained 1,840 km2 (710 sq mi) of Pakistani territory: 640 km2 (250 sq mi) in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan’s portion of the state; 460 km2 (180 sq mi) of the Sailkot sector; 380 km2 (150 sq mi) far to the south of Sindh; and most critical, 360 km2 (140 sq mi) on the Lahore front. Pakistan took 540 km2 (210 sq mi) of Indian territory: 490 km2 (190 sq mi) in the Chhamb sector and 50 km2 (19 sq mi) around Khem Karan.

      • BBC reported that the war served game changer in Pakistani politics,[94]
        The defeat in the 1965 war led to the army’s invincibility being challenged by an increasingly vocal opposition. This became a surge after his protege, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, deserted him and established the Pakistan People’s Party.

      • TIME magazine reported that India held 690 mi2 of Pakistan territory while Pakistan held 250 mi2 of Indian territory in Kashmir and Rajasthan. Additionally, Pakistan had lost almost half its armour temporarily.[90] The article further elaborates,
        Severely mauled by the larger Indian armed forces, Pakistan could continue the fight only by teaming up with Red China and turning its back on the U.N.

      • Devin T. Hagerty wrote in his book “South Asia in world politics”[20] –
        The invading Indian forces outfought their Pakistani counterparts and halted their attack on the outskirts of Lahore, Pakistan’s second-largest city. By the time United Nations intervened on September 22, Pakistan had suffered a clear defeat.

        • If Islam wasn’t in our world it would be such a wonderful peaceful place, but as long as Islamic ideals are held to high standards the world will never be safe from a religion that tells its followers to either convert or kill the Infidel. A religion that believes its ok to rape and kill women just for the sake of your own perversion. Islam produces egomaniacal perverts and murderers of the innocent! Islam believes its ok to beat your wife if she leaves the house without permission, May I ask why? is it because you are paranoid because you treat her like trash, I would say a dog but dogs get treated better than your women and children!! Or is it because you all have very small penis’s??? Why do you treat your women like you are better then they are!! You have no conscience because it has been seared by your vile lust for Islam!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Listen buddy, there is clear reasons of why it was written to kill infedels. Don’t take it out of context like those terrorists and politicians.

    • Doesn’t matter,guess modi and Obama are going great. The future would be the witness of splintered communist China and terrorist Pakistan

    • There were two tank wars. The largest tank battle after world war 2 in indo-pak 1965 war was the battle of chawinda. Pak gain a clear victory even pak was half in number. Check it out on wikipedia or any other site. The new york times and the australian newspaper also show that the tank battle was Pakistani victory. Check out the largest tank battle after world war 2 the battle of chawinda in 1965 and pakistani big victory!

      • Really Ahmed Mia? “tank battle was Pakistani victory”?

        Here is a quote from wikipedia on the battle of chawinda – “According to Indian claims, at the end of hostilities on 23 September 1965, India held about 200 square miles (518 square kilometres) of Pakistani territory in the Sialkot sector including the towns and villages of Phillora, Deoli, Bajragarhi, Suchetgarh, Pagowal, Chaprar, Muhadpur, Tilakpur south east and east of Sialkot city, which were returned to Pakistan after the Tashkent Declaration in January 1966.[12][13][21]”

        Pakistan won the tank war, but lost 200 square miles of territory to India? What use is such a victory?

        • Pak is always half in number even then they stand against india and have also won wars both 1965 and in 1999 was super when only 5000 pak soldiers against 30000 indian soldiers. Indians lost 1800 soldiers and Pak 300. And Pak army caught indians by throat. We withdraw the soldiers after the request of US. There wasn’t land captured in chawinda 1965 if it would there wouldn’t be any clear and decesive Pak victory mentioned anywhere. The india claim that they won just to keep the hearts of their citizens because already we have ruled india for 1000 years, so their citizens will lose hope if india accepts it defeat. And I forgot to mention that wikipedia the eng site is edited by indians, whereever on wikipedia if u see any Pak or china conflict and war with india, everywhere wikipedia represented Pak and china as devils and India as an angel and very innocent, like india never done anything wrong and is an innocent baby, What foolishness, wikipedia represent this in every war and conflict of Pak-china with india. And also in 1999 they claim to get their land back and halt Pakistani invasion over kargil but in reality bill clinton requested to withdraw and Pak withdraw its troops, you can check it. Pak withdrew but the point 5353 hill of indian side is still occupied by Pak, indians tried to get it back many times after the war but they couldn’t get it. Both 65 and 99 were Pak victory no matter what indian edited wiki says.
          Your president himself says, that with my weapon and Pak military spirit, I can conquer the world!
          Quantity doesn’t matters, quality matters!
          We ruled over india for a 1000 years so they cant forget and are too much jealous bcoz of that and we will do it again if they dont keep peace and this time there is not only Pakistan, China is also there, so india will be a part of two countries, Pakistan and China 😉 😉
          No matter what the enemies say about us, Pak military is always no 1 in fighting spirit and ISI the best and no 1 in the world according to american crime news. Our finances are going better now and they are going to be great in 5-10 years.
          Even after this, if u cant understand what is fact and who has the ability to do so then Im sorry bro, u cant understand. I hope u enjoyed reading it bro ;). Lots of love from Pak 🙂 🙂

          • Dear Ahmed, my friend, I like your essay, but it forgets to mention the only fact that the world remembers – that if you really piss off India, like you did in 1971, then you get a real feel of what devastation that country can do to it’s enemies – and we Americans respect them for that. Do you recall what happened in the 1971 war? The Indians made Pakistani General Niazi and his troops surrender to the Indian army. The Indian army then freed Bangladesh from the atrocities of the Pak army. Our President Nixon sent the Seventh fleet into the Bay of Bengal to scare off India, but India just didn’t care!

            I know their intelligence RAW played a really great part in the freedom of Bangladesh, but where was your ISI??? I guess they were sipping their favorite brand of whiskey in their posh Islamabad offices 🙂

    • I think you o not know about Afghan-Soviet war an USA failure in Afghanistan,,,,,,,,Plz listen to Mike Molon,,,than u will realize ISI

      • If you talk of “enough said” Mr Ali Agha, then I will say – “Liberation of Bangladesh, 1971, enough said”… remember what happened to the Pakistani army under general Niazi in East Pakistan? Or did your Pakistani history books lie about that too?

  15. What ? What are you saying. “India joined hands with US” ….I GUESS ITS PAKISTAN , US’s NON NATO MAJOR ALLY AND INDIAN- RUSSIAN friendship is known… far as i remember pakistan supported terrorists ,jihadists,mujhadinns at wishes of US in afghanistan and was one of the two (or three, guess it was pakis, UAE, Saudis)countries supporting taliban govt. Now india never supported it.and hey i think abottabad is in pakistan where OSAMA BIN LADEN was hiding in big mansion adjoining military cantonment!!!! Any explanations!!!!
    Now 1965 war was forced upon india by pakistan and india reached inside almost to lahore. This after a short period of sino indian war . pakistan has always nefarious plans.
    And ur “partition of punjab hypothesis”… As far as i know PUNJAB IS ALREADY DIVIDED IN 1947 BY JINNAH …… And by extend whole of india into pakistan and india. Forgot that two nation theory by jinnah on which partition on religious lines was done and which fell as terribly as fall of dacca ( east pakistan)

  16. very body is speaking against pakistan but all anti pakistan bull shits look isi on top and pakistan is nuclear power so thats your biggest lose and our biggest win very country want to demolish since 1947 but we stood alone kick your asses

  17. Mza aa gia indian kittay sarrr rahay nay tay aa andrew v harami indian hai edi bhen nu lun kutti da putter.22 SARA kujh tay ho chuka hai Amrika tey india de v aa chuki hai bus wait kro sara pta chal jaye ga. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

  18. dude you did’t kicked us out of lahore. it was the intervension of UN and USA the we had to return back all the territories that we have capured during the war and in return for returning the territories pak signed a contract which led to the seperation of east pakistan from west pakistan leading to the formation of bangladesh… dude we split your country into 2 in 1971 so shut the F*^# up…

  19. why nab is not working in right direction?army should given support to nab.if we want to save pakistan from all type of terror attacks

  20. If ISI do his serious job in all over pak.i believe a single enemy of pakistan can not hide from his eyes. y isi wasting time?


  22. Hey Guys!
    Look I am an Indian and I am going to start some sensible discuss right now. My Indian friends, why are we even comparing ourselves with the pakistan. By comparing we are just disobeying our country. Pakistan is not even equal to a single hair of India(Assuming India is a Human). And if we have to make our country the greatest country we can not do that by comparing it to a country like Pakistan or even countries like USA, China. We have to think ahead of that, ahead of them. Oh comm’n I accept ISI(or should I say ISIS) is the best. You have a great security agency what does that prove. It proves that you need it the most. In my country I would be happy if there would be no RAW, so that we could use that money for better purpose like education and to uplift the poor. I accept everything wrong about my country poverty, corruption. crime, illiteracy. I am accepting it and I am trying to correct it. But if you don’t accept it, you would never be able to correct. If you really love your country do something to make it better.
    Now here are my views regarding Islam and Terrorism-
    I think if we summarize Islam and Koran it will be like this- There was a boy born somewhere in middle-east. He had a very good heart but limited brain. He use to talk very good things. People loved to hear his talks. In his hope people use to find some hope, hope for goodness, hope for better life. People started to follow him. People who started to follow, grouped themselves in one religion(Islam). But his limited brain had side effects on Islam. And due to that side effect, from time to time, it evolved into something else other than Islam. But I assume nothing is perfect and this is same for Islam. But the real tragic is that it has no scope for improvement. Now the bads that I find in the Islam are-

    1. More than 80 % of terrorist follows Islam. That means there is something wrong about Islam.

    2. India is secular. One of my Muslim friend told me that Islam says every thing god built on this earth is for the use of Humans. And we can do whatever with it(Like killing of any animals mercilessly). But how we have the right to kill something if we can not give life to that.

    3. The Islam was built for the peace of mind but the countries which are most disturbed are Islamic.

    4. The way muslims kills innocent animals and humans is merciless. The process include rubbing the neck with sharp blade so that the animal could have a slow death full of pain.

    5. Islamic mindsets could be very easily manipulated on the name of the god. Just need to show some video against Islam.

    ……………….there are many more wrongs in the islam which have a very very little chance of improvement.

    The religions could be different but the summery of their story is same. Take it Buddhism by Buddha, Christianity by Jesus, or Islam by Muhammed.

    All religions were built for one purpose to sustain people and keep them binded together. they were build to control crime by saying god will punish the criminals, to give hope and prevent fear by saying god is there to help, to stop depression and chaos created by death by saying god will give you new life. And these four features of God is present in every religion. Isn’t it funny.


  23. ISI is matchless!
    And those who can’t do anything practically they can just bark in comments that their intelligence is better & blah blah blah……

  24. sab sy pahly to man ye kehna chahu ga k ye angrezon k bachy jo english bol kr bohat roob jhaar rahy han in ko apny mulk ka ilam nahi ha shayad?? man sab muslim doston se request krun ga k in ki kisi b bat ka jawab na den. ye to aisy log han jo kisi b cheeez ko dekhty han to usy apna baghwaan bna dety han gaaye ka peshab b peety han. itny gandy or 3rd class log han yeh….
    in ko itni samaj nhi ha k jis baghwaan ko ye khud paida krty han wo kaisy in ki hifaazat kr skta hai???? kaisy in ko khany ko dy skta hai???? meri in sb indians sy request hai k apna standard bnao or phir hm sy baat krna. tum to hmary standard k b nai ho???
    or 2nd ye k indians pakistan k bary men jo baat krty han ye pahly apna girybaan dekhyen phir baat kren. in logon ki hameesha se aadat rahi ha k ye log khud kush kr nhi skty or dusro se jealous hoty rahty han… oo bhai pahly khud ka haal to dekh lo muslim to door ki baat hai tmhary mulk men to koi b mehfooz nai ha…. hmara religion hmen orat ki izzat krna sikhata hai. lakin tumhara shayad rape…?????????
    to apna mun band kro mari traf sy 1 glaas gaaye ka peshaab piyo………………..

  25. यही कारण है कि भारतीयों को पाकिस्तान से ईर्ष्या हो रही है । आप भारतीयों मूर्ख कुछ शोध करते हैं।

  26. Yahee kaaran hai ki bhaarateeyoon koo paakistaan see eershya hoo rahee hai . Aap bhaarateeyoon muurkh kuch shoodh karatee hain.

  27. Hello my dear friend Andrew Carver i want to say that your just a indian jerk who thinks he is fooling everybody with a fake name but i know your just a big nobody living in a unreal country.

  28. when did u win a war against india ?

    “””Pakistani media: we were the aggressor in the 1965 war | india won the war | why do we lie?””->(Video):O

    “”””Pakistani media : Our mistakes and assumption’s caused 1965 war and gave INDIA upper hand in the war””->(Video):O

    “””1965 War was a wrong Misadventure of Pakistan Army for Self Glory”””->(Video):O

    “””We Started all WARS with INDIA and LOST THEM – Pak Air Chief”””->(Video):O

  29. You must be joking….India would have broken West Pakistan in 1965 but being peaceful, it gave back the land that was taken. Your army is dumb, corrupt and caused the breakup of Pakistan. Next in line is Baluchistan, KP and Sindh….Anyhow you idiots will still claim you won as your definition of winning is getting up everytime to fight and lose some more of your body with India. in 1965, India cut off your legs, in 1971 your hands, next in line are each of your organs…Anyhow you are laughing stock of the filthy idiots.

  30. The CIA is good only on Hollywood.
    If this were: “what’s the must funded spy agencies which also happens to be the most inept?” I’d definitely put CIA on top of the list.

  31. ISI is no doubt the mother of all agencies. Even i saw the cockroach agencies like RAW and FSB train their staff on the principle of ISI and case studies of ISI are compulsory in their syllabus

  32. Guys, what the hell you all are doing! Don’t you guys notice one thing, Russia, USA, China, and all European countries are rich and powerful since a long period. But still two of subcontinent’s developing countries proved that subcontinent possess talent which can leave behind the world. This terrifies western powers and they are constantly trying to create a permanent division in subcontinent’s people. We are neighbors what does Islam says about neighbor’s rights and what does Hinduism dictates about rights of neighbors. We are neither following our religion nor developing, destroying each other. Now think wouldn’t the western powers will be happy from this division who wants power in their hands forever. But nothing stays forever. We all mustn’t fight we should be happy that both of subcontinent neighbors possess world’s best intelligence agencies.


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