Top 10 Best Military Commander Generals in the World 2017


Military Commanders

Armed forces of any country are most essential element which not only provide territorial protection to the country but also stabilize the nation in critical condition like earthquakes, bad weather conditions and storm to rescue the residents and shelter them under shield.

Chief of General staff or the military commander or military generals are those people who control the million of troops under single order and can be considered to be more influential personalities in the world. When we talk about the best military generals we consider their decision making, commands, and way to tackle enemies, bravery, and deep eye of national and international concerns.

There are several commanders in past which can be described as the most excellent and exceptional generals following their strategies and tactics to destabilize the enemy. Here we have listed top ten best military generals of present time, the list is given below:

10: Volker Wieker (Germany)

Volker Wieker is the Chief of Staff of the German armed forces, Bundeswehr, the highest-ranking officer of the Bundeswehr and government’s chief military adviser as well. Wieker joined Bundeswehr in 1974 and was trained as an artillery officer.He served as an officer in an armored artillery battalion, the operations and training officer and finally reached to Chief of Staff of the Army Office in 2002. Wieker was formally appointed Chief of Staff of the Bundeswehr two days after his promotion to four-star general.While having several decorations and awards, he stands among the best army generals in the world.

military commander

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9: Katsutoshi Kawano (Japan)

Chief of Staff of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and Chief of Staff of the Joint Staff Council Katsutoshi Kawano is a Japanese general who is among the best generals in the world. Kawano joined the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force after graduating in mechanical engineering, served in number of positions and commands. He became Chief of Staff of the Maritime Self-Defense Force after promotion to full admiral in 2012 and assumed the position of Chief of Staff of the Joint Staff Council on 15 October 2014.

military commander

8: Dalbir Singh (India)

The Indian Army General and current Chief of the Army Staff of the Indian Army is one of best generals in the world who has ability to take decisions for the nation irrelevant of what others think about them.The only thing he considers is the benefit of India. Singh was commissioned in the 4th battalion of the 5 Gorkha Rifles in 1974 and following his positions to instructor, commanding officer, Inspector General of the Special Frontier Force, he became the Vice Chief of Army staff in 2013 and assumed charge as Chief of the Army staff in July 2014.

military commander

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7: Choi Yoon-Hee (South Korea)

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Choi Yoon-hee was named as new chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff who was the first navy flag officer to take the top post in the military chain of command under President Park Geun-hye. The government picked the JCS chairman from Navy for first time since the establishment of the military forces to strengthen cooperation among the armed forces. Choi Yoon-Hee is one of best current generals in the world because of his deliberate approach towards security concerns of the South Korean.

military commander

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6: Nick Houghton (United Kingdom)

The Chief of the Defence Staff of the British Armed Forces Nick Houghton has taken the charge after retirement of former Chief of Defence Staff Sir David Richards. The British General served as Commanding Officer and Commander while positioned as British Military Representative and Deputy Commanding General during his military age. He has been appointed as the Chief of Joint Operations at Permanent Joint Headquarters and served as Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff before assumed to serve as Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff.

military commander

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5: Hulusi Akar (Turkey)

Turkish Army general HulusiAkar was born on January 1, 1952 and is currently serving as the 29th Chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces. Turkey has been considered as one of most influential state in Asian region and following that it has several security and territorial concerns while its boundaries with Iraq also made it more unstable because of civil war in the country led by ISIS. HulusiAkar is among the best military generals in the world who tactically handle the national and international defense through its wide eye on these issues.

military commander

4: Valery Gerasimov (Russia)

Valery Gerasimov is a Russian General who is the current Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia along with position as Deputy Defence Minister. Valery Gerasimov served as commander of a platoon company and battalion of Far Eastern Military District after graduation and was appointed as the chief of staff of a tank regiment. He served in various commanding position throughout his career and was promoted to Deputy Defence Minister while positioned at highest rank in the Russian Army, General of the Army as of 2014.

military commander

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3: Fang Fenghui (China)

The general in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of the People’s Republic of China, Fang Fenghui, is currently serving as the PLA Chief of General Staff leading the biggest armed force of the world. Having most versatile and diverse approach to domestic and foreign matters, Fang Fenghuiis ranked in the list of best generals in the world. He was appointed as Chief of the Headquarters of the General Staff following his position as Commander of the Beijing Military Region and Chief of staff of the PLA’s Guangzhou Military Region.

military commander

2: Martin Dempsey (United States)

Martin Edward Dempsey is a United States Army general and 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, served as Chief of Staff of Army and Commanding General, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. He held several commanding positions in past including Acting Commander, Deputy Commander and Commanding General. Martin Dempsey currently holds the highest-rank in military in all of the United States Armed Force enrolled among best generals in the world in present.


military commander

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1: Raheel Sharif (Pakistan)

General Raheel Sharif is a four-star rank army general who is currently serving as Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army.He became the best general in the world because of his wide approach to tackle enemies in and out of country. His various operations to stabilize Pakistan and keep it clean from terrorism set in nations’ roots from several decades are outstanding and admirable. Raheel Sharif served in various commands and positions till assumed in office as Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army ranking him as one of the most respected and well reputed Chief till date.

military commander

[table caption=”Top 10 Best Military Commander Generals in the World 2015″ colwidth=”20|200|100″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
1,Raheel Sharif , Pakistan
2,Martin Dempsey ,United States
3,Fang Fenghui , China
4,Valery Gerasimov ,Russia
5,Hulusi Akar, Turkey
6,Nick Houghton , United Kingdom
7,Choi Yoon-Hee , South Korea
8,Dalbir Singh , India
9,Katsutoshi Kawano , Japan
10,Volker Wieker , Germany




    • Really I don’t have words anyhow Gen Rabeel great personality great Commender and have great vision not for Pakistan even great thought for world piece therefore world should stand with Gen Raheel immidetaly solve the issues like Kashmir & Falistine to secure the world .
      Thanks ,gen and love pakistan

  1. more than 400 Bomb Blasts in KPK before General Raheel Shariff and now when he is in charge he made a lot of difference, We are proud to have a general like him, I wish he wouldnt retire this year and will serve this country a little more, He made a big difference in Karachi city which has been long suffering from terrorism. A Big thank you to this man.. We are proud of you as well as Imran Khan.. Lets hope for Peace in this world one day.. inshaAllah.

  2. LOL Really? Couldn’t even save 160 kids in school, Malala shot in broad daylight for going to school,

        • what you say about this…!!!
          an innocent girl rapped by six men in Delhi… ?
          14 year Indian girl gang raped by Indian army soldiers on train.. ?

          • Couldn’t even save 160 kids in school, Malala shot in broad daylight for going to school?

          • In india every day 10 rape case in recorded and dont compare ur country with pak army bcz ur army kill 5 or 6 terrorist in 4 days shame on u man to campare ur army with pak army ,,, maybe ur country jealous from pak army staff…. and u dont who know about i am from swat i know here well …….. give ur all atention to ur country dont be like dog … i have lot of respect for india for good persons of india not people like u..

        • now you know the threat in pak. :). your army take 4 days to clean 6 men and he clean the whole army . so he deserves,

    • How can anyone let alone a Military Commander stop a street criminal from shooting a girl on a bus??

    • @NarayanaSundaram:disqus So what you say about this…!!!
      an innocent girl rapped by six men in Delhi… ?
      14 year Indian girl gang raped by Indian army soldiers on train.. ?

  3. We pakistanis are thankful to Gen. Raheel for saving Pakistan. I hope these steps continue as long term policy of Pakistan. Also, respect for India and Indian Army Chief at the same time. We should partner and live in peace as brothers.

  4. let us not indulege in criticising personalities. All these are high ranked professionals. They do not even have time to read our comments. If we do just one thing i.e, play our positive part well towards world peace, it will be our gift to comming generations. However, we should not compromise on basis human rights of inividuals and countries.

      • Mostly, people are positive and peace loving. Generally negative minded so called leaders exploit their emotions and use them in the name of patriotism, religion and nationalism etc. Lack of education and resources concentration is the biggest enemy of both countries and many other countries.

      • Why isn’t it the truth? Everyone knows u guys want kashmir through Terrorism cause your army isn’t potent enough. If you guys want Kashmir wage war against India and can always take it. But wouldn’t for the coward you are.

  5. bullshit indian general. they are only for photographs. they kill their own people not to make peace with neighbours. dirty army.

  6. Pakistan worlds best army, best intelligence, best soldiers, best cheif commander and alot more!!!! The only country which fought with a country 20 times bigger then them and still won!!!! India 200million ppl Pakistan only 20 million and Indians be talking crap!!! Pakistan zindabad

  7. lol.. Whats funny is that the Pakistan General can also be named as the Best “Head of the State”.. cz in Pakistan, the civilian government is only an eye candy for global events, all the policy decisions are taken by the military ….
    speaking of which, i am still unable to decipher what potent Weed did the Person who made this list Smoke before he DID make it!!

    • I can understand your burning bottom but really what is if any, achievement of indian army chief? The man does not even look like a soldier, rather a janitor.

      There’s no weed, it’s just your indian hate blinding you from accepting it.

      • Really? Oh cm on u dillusional fool!!! The Gurkha rifles is one of the most elite part of the Indian armed forces.. the British Army STILL induct the brave Gurkhas for their valour and courage that is embedded in their blood.. Gen D.S Suhag was inducted in that to start with, He played a very important role in counter insurgency in kashmir vally that won him Vishist Seva medal, Then he made invaluable contribution during the kargil war to kick some rotten Pakistani A$$ , which won him Ati Vishist Seva Medal. . Later, he was posted in the Northeast, where unde his command, the NE insurgency was greatly reduced and many important Mao leaders were nabbed or taken on our side, winning him the Uttam Yudh Seva Medal.

        The Man has proved himself in not just india, but also abroad , being distinguishably addressed at the Senior Mission Leaders Course of the UN!!

        So, whether or not he may look like a janitor to u ,my dear Pakistani friend, he has enough fire power and Gray matter at his disposal to keep Pakistani insurgency at a bare minimum.. so before u try and mock his looks, just realise that THIS is not a beauty pageant contestant but the battle ready man that u are look at.

        • Your pahtet!c medals don’t mean garbage at any international level. Keep giving trophies to yourself for all it matters to yourself. The fact is your army was held up by its very ba//s by Pakistan and had 3 times more casualties and damage than pakistan. Even with PAF not taking part, your ariforce was losing its migs. Mr.Suhag wont tell you this. You ppl need brand names like gurkhas to feel some courage behind that cowardice of yours attacking school going kids. The second one being calling your dead soldiers “shaheeds”. How ironic. The religion you hate the most gives glory to your pahteti!c soldiers by your stealing a concept from it. The fact is, indian army is an army of cowards. The fact is british needed d0gs for their dirty work and they created gurkhas with fake pride.
          Pakistan hasn’t even started testing this janitor. But he is doing everything he can to interfere in pakistan but failing constantly.

          • First of, ur very assumption that we “Hate Islam” is WRONG to start with.. Even though “saare jahan se acha” is neither Our National anthem Nor our National song, it is STILL SUNG with pride (it was written by Iqbal, just incase ur little hate filled brain didn’t catch that..) U should try reading the lyrics smtym.. Ul understand what I am trying to tell u , esp when the same song is sung everyday in almost every school..

            U speak only what ur clerics teach you in ur madrasa schools or what u hear from ur Army mouthpiece media agencies. Now if I quote data to u, u will say “it data means Garbage to me” or smthing similarly pitiful.. Yet it doesn’t change the fact that there are MORE muslim killings in Pakistan than they are in India.. And that there are more Minority killings in Pakistan than there are in India. . our media is FREE from Govt control (in ur case army’s control), so any skirmish is shown unlike in Pakistan, where the post partition minority has just ‘miraculously’ disappeared.. Ever wondered what happened there…!??

            As for the three wars.. By God!! I am aware that Pakistani history books TELL u that u ‘defected India’ or smthin.. But please.. like PLEASE.. I urge u to read ANY MEDIA.. Western (on whose Charity ur nation survives) or any other world history author of ur choosing.. Or u know what. Just hear ur Musharraf’s interview to BBC and ul know how it was a strategy of the Pak army planners (who DO dictate policy matters tonur civilian government) to falsely educate ur youth about its war history, to keep ur ‘morals up’.. It’s his own words.. Now u CAN go on and call him an india stooge too if u want.. U won’t be the first Pakistani in denial, and sadly u won’t be the last..

            Now coming back to the topic at hand, medals.are not confered to anyone in military my dear friend. He has, as I have mentioned done ab exemplary job in his career, and is HIGHLY decorated for the same. A fledgling Pakistani hater can’t take that away from him. U CAN deny it all u want, afterall u Pakistani are quite famous for that (remember – Kasab wasnt a Pakistani national till Geo news found his residence OR even Osama wasn’t ur house guest untill he was found and killed right next to ur military training school, later ul say the same when we get Dawood from karachi)..
            As for the casualties and the number, India was on the Verge of a full Blown attack on ur country for the first time EVER , which shook ur then Dictator Musharraf to go begging to the USA, in this massive deployment many years old mines caused casualties, and since our forces are 3 times urs.. And if it were Kargil that u were talking about.. U better DECIDE whether it WAS Pakistan Army or Coward Terrorists, like ur govt had always claimed. (untill of course, ur dear ex Dictator Musharraf declared that it WAS indeed Pak army in civilian clothes).. Because if it was the Army, then it was YOU who were whooped harrd by INDIA, cz u HAD TO abandon NOT JUST the posts u HAD captured, but also left behind ur “terrorist/soldiers” who were either injured or just left for dead once we cut ur supply routes..
            Then , before that, both ur operation Gibraltar and Grand Slam fell flat on ur face.. Cz guess WHAT?! Kashmir is STILL with US.. and soon, even POK will be back where it belongs.. And then u CAN say bye-bye to Bloochistan too.. Oh wait.. Then ul hide behind ur Chinese Big Brother.. (Still not having learnt ur lesson with USA, that u need ur own two feet to stand on.. Have u??!).. So WHEN DID U HAVE OUR BALLS IN UR HANDS AGAIN?!? ROFL..

            So all said and done, its better u shove that ‘janitor’ rant up ur crack and talk SENSE with me and perhaps bring to my notice why ur Gen Shareef so much so deserves to be on that list , let alone be on the top.. Lol.. Sorry.. I couldn’t help that laugh!

            Lastly, I HAVE TO ASK THIS-
            Since “Your pahtet!c medals don’t mean garbage at any international level. “.. WHAT DOES MATTER ON INTERNATIONAL LEVEL??? HOW WELL U LICK THE WHITE AMERICAN A$$?!?

          • spare me this bullsh!t of your cliched madrassa cheap line. that is all you indians are doing as a collective organism all day long , acting like l0w life cheaps. pakistanis are way more educated, decent, good looking, well mannered, and talented than you indians and any field of life proves this where you look up to pakistanis in your obsession. Yes you HATE pakistan and you hate pakistan for being muslims. you people have so much hate in your hearts that if pakistan was to give up all its military and weaponry, open its borders and welcome all out, you would not rest until you have spilled the bl00d of every pakistani. this is a fact. it simply does not matter what you believe. there maybe a a few neutral minded people in indian society but as a nation as a whole, you people are hateful and revengeful of pakistan. what matters is not what indian public thinks but what indian leaders are on record doing against pakistan. you do not make policies, your leaders do. on top you keep repeating we dont care about pakistan but the fact is you m0rons keep spreading lies about pakistan and keep asking your indian friends with links of pakistani articles to come there and spread the same hate. you think i dont know you? who are u f00ling here. i know your DNA inside out. for a moment around 2000’s you had pakistan convinced indians were becoming friends of pak and there was hope and CBMs. the hate i have seen in you people all over internet is now clear. there is no nation on earth that spends so much time putting hate speech, hate videos, hate content against pakistan that india and indians do. it’s shameful and it’s a torture and shame to be neighbors of indians.

            i’m not going into any kashmir waste of talk here. the order of the world today has become cheating and treachery, this is all you are upto as indian state. your history is full of non-existence, insignificance, and failure otherwise. the only thing is, nature will give every d0g its day. now is yours. do what you can now, because i tell you, this is the only time history has given you. make best use of it. you just might be enslaved for another 1000 years after this, your orignial legacy. Kashmir has always wanted to be part of pakistan. 1 million indian troops are carrying out crime there. it is an IOK region. 40% of which is under pakistan control. this is a talk over done. let it be like that.

            what you need to do is look forward. and looking forward, this is quite clear that no amount of confidence building will bring pak and india closer. you people are onto pakistan to spill blood of our children. paikstan needs to understand you hindus have so much hatred that you will not rest until pakistanis are dried of every drop of blood in their veins. i have never ever seen such hatred in a nation like there is in hindus. this is the only message i m here to give to pakistanis. to show them what you people actually are. and i will do this and keep doing this. i really do not care about you or your ideas or your stories about whatever fantasies work for you.

            P.S: sorry i didnt go thru your comment completely, it almost felt like absolute garbage to me the moment i put first look on it. classic indian bullsh!t coming out of your mouth and as i stand, i’ve read these line over n over again. you all indians speak the same way to the very lines about pakistan. its as if you are being educated and hammered down with such low thinking and hate about pakistan. i dont care. the purpose here is to expose you d0gs.

          • Ur apology is duly accepted. But my only regret is, that IF u HAD read the entire comment, u would have noticed that I did not for once blame the normal Pakistani populous for the angst or animosity that today exists BTW our two nations, nor did I once say ANYTHING against Muslims.. For I have nothing wrong to say against neither.. while u on the other hand went all guns blazing – generalising all Hindus in one category of hate .. This only shows ur own insecurity for the matter and not some ‘Hindu HATE’.. (My madrasa comment was based on the many reports that Islamic radicalists often propogate their agendas in madrasa’s, brain washing young kids – The Lal Mazjid incident, amongst various others was published by ur media only, wasn’t it?)

            As for YOU knowing all about MY DNA, I am surprised that if thqt indeed had been the case, how could U would level ME with the hate spewers against which I have very vocally stood at Idrw and other forums, & for which I have been called many names too.. “traitor” included..
            Now going by ur presupposed disdain, I assume that u think I am trying to pull a “dove” act, now that u have “shut me up” in some way.. But allow me to break that bubble for u. I have, and still do stand against ANY and ALL acts of terrorism, for it is NOTHING but Cowardly.. Be it Terrorism of action, spilling innocent blood (done majorly blby well established organizations Based in Pakistan), or Terrorism of Hate Speech that both our Nations are too proud and proficient at doing. . Sad as it is, such haters thrive Politically Aswell as religiously in both countries . But the contrast hits when ONE such remark/ incident In India sparks a nation wide debate in HERE, with political parties distancing themselves from such person and media cracking its whip on those individuals… People like Hafiz Syed, in PAKISTAN go on spewing venom and gather support from Political parties and religious parties alike..

            But from a netizen point of view, even I have seen the vidoes that have FLOODED the internet, butbthey are both from both India and Pakistan, and it is futile to debate who started it.. I remember a quote by a Guruji from a literally festival in Delhi a few months back when he spoke about the intolerance debate that hase been Going on in our country for a while. He said ” there are loons in all Nations, there a few here too.. If u decide to give importance to them, the YOU make them Important “.. This was both applauded many a times at various foruma, while some Hindus also oposed it calling the guy a sham.. My point is, that while Not All Pakistani People are jihadis or supporters of jihadis, NOT all Indians are Factionists or Hardliners.. So u need to realise that and not presuppose ALL Hindus hating Muslims or go by the ur media hype. (Which IS frankly propaganda) that Muslim community is opressed.. I say this cz I too know a few Muslim families who live in our community personally.. So don’t expect India to be all hawkish if.. IF u lower ur guard at the international borders.. For if u look back, all Wars HAVE been thrust to India BY Pakistan, yet, we have been able to resell ur attack but ONLY enough to Push u back Into Ur sovereign territory, not an inch more.

            I hope u respond more reasonably now so that we can talk about the meat of the matter.
            (A) Gen Shareef
            (B) the three wars that India and Pakistan have fought.

            On the offset, I want to tell u that via this correspondence I would like to fill the gaps in my knowledge and try to give u/an insight of the little I know, in a civil and amicable manner. And if events permit then make another friend across the border.

          • Like i said, you are not the policy maker. It simply does not matter what you say. Your leaders are the policy makers, whose policies towards Pakistan are extremely hostile and based on hate as well as revenge. Pakistan has people like Ajit Doval and Modi to deal with, who are on record accepting funding a terrorist proxy war in Pakistan. Your nation has drooped down to the level of taking the war into schools and nurseries to spill blood of innocent children. India, Pakistan must remember will never ever give up in its pakistan hate and will go to all extents to damage it. You may or may not be a good person, but at the end of the day you stand against Pakistan, not with it, and therefore whatever you stand for it in support of the indian war of hate against Pakistan.
            I spend enough time with reading indian mindset about pakistan, and their long term policies and past about Pakistan. India is in a process of hating, breaking and damaging pakistan from its very birth to this day. There is a harsh proxy war funded by Americans and Indians going on against Pakistan from Afghanistan, actively funding TTP thru indian missions there. There is no room for more improvement in ties now. You have precisely been described by Pakistani elders as “baghal main churi, munh main ram ram”. India will always backstab pakistan when it is weakest and this is what Pakistanis are beginning to understand.

          • since u present NO hope whatsoever in ur own words, i shant waste my time replying to u.

            Fact remains that it is proved that Gen Shareef, simply by the lack of ur knowledge or want Doesnt deserve to be on that list, least be on the Top of it.

            As for ur claim of India being behind the two attacks of Pakistani educational institutes , U, just like a certain section of ur leaders have only talk and ABSOLUTELY NO evidence for the same. And frankly, until there is evidence , its stupid to even give air to ur conspiracy bonfire.. so i ant getting into it. (AND SIR, u better NOT question ME on Pakistan’s role, The world has credible evidence that Pakistan is the Global hub for jihad.. Hafiz Syed, Osama, mullah Omar, and a multitude of others- whether accepted or clandestine)

            As for ur sob story of Pakistan being a sweet boy caught in the corner by global bullies in USA and India, JUST answer ONE Question , NOT to Me but YOURSELF.. “why do u take the american charity then”… U sell ur souls to them and then they use YOUR Airbases to use drones to kill TERRORISTS and civilians alike .. and yet u continue to allow them to whoop u over and over.. what better word is it than a Prostitute who like to take abuse for money..?? Its sad that i had to draw this analogy.. but dude, Tell me if i can draw any other than that..??! Since We spoke of the Leadership positions and policy makers, i again (unlike u) am not blaming “muslims” or the pakistani population for this… but as far as TTP is concerned, u need a lot of research.. perhaps u should goo back all the way when the cold war started and the whole “jihad propaganda” began btw the CIA and ISI.. India was never a part of it, but pakistan wanted to make india a part of it… U guys tried to play a game but got caught in it.. now face it like a man instead of trying to find scapegoats for ur mistakes…

            Stay blessed!

          • One one hand you say you shouldn’t waste you time by replying me, and the next second i find you typing in 100 more lines. That is called obsession.

            As far as Gen Raheel is concerned, the fact is i don’t really support him being on number 1 on any list as long as he does not eliminate the entire corrupt political class of pakistan. You have a problem with him being on number 1 because of your indian background and inherent hate which blinds you well. My analysis is based on the results he has produced and should have. It is true that he may deserve to be on number 1 spot for his success in defeating indian backed terror sponsoring in Pakistan and eliminating TTP largely yet this is part of the problem. For me he is not even on number 10, as long as he fails to deliver what pakistani public actually wants from him. But Pakistanis love him and support him along with whole ISI and Pakistan army for countering CIA and RAW backed terrorism inside pakistan.

            I will basically throw your argument on evidence to garbage for it being garbage. I told you the basic problem. Which is every d0g has its day. You indians have come with a free service to americans. US being in control of diplomacy and politics of afghanistan is turning a blind eye to pakistani evidence for last 10 years. It is without doubt a reality that numerous american think tanks have written on how much terror financing indians are doing against pakistan. For reference check christine fair, although she is extremly anti pakistan, she just couldnt lie about this. And chuck hagel as well.

            If you want pakistan or the world to believe the patheti!c garbage evidence you gave to pakistan of people talking in marathi language, having alcohol bottles on a holy mission, and calling for bhagwan for help, you have got to be sh!tt!ng human intelligence. The problem is that US has an interest in pampering and entertaining indian evidence even though it is absolute garbage and ignoring pakistani evidence. Pakistan has more than once presented your involvement evidence in UN, US and other places. This is a proxy war. It will go on like this. Although it is also reported that US and UK garbagaed indian evidence against pakistan on 26/11, in recent reports. I can guarantee you that every incident that has happened in last 15 years in india has been engineered by india itself. You have people of RAW and RSS involved and its not like you need an evidence on samjhota express bombing where you own indian army people were caught inviolved. Please stop giving me these fabrications. I have made the problem easy for you. US needs india against china in 21st century. US also needs iran against pakistan and saudia and middle east in 21st century. US does NOT need pakistan and want to dismember it. Everything is a game around it. There is lie and fabrications being told and created out of thin air and your entire nation has been led into making a certain evil image of pakistan, that explains most of your arguments.

            The fact whereas is that india has more separatist movements and terrorist organization than any other country in the world. India also is the biggest beggar of UK and US AID in its entire existence. These things are not pakistani fabrtications but facts prresent on USAID and media sites.

            I would accept any argument of yours had it been based on truth of something i did not have an answer to. The fact is, everything you people say is based on lies and hypocrisy. The irony is most of these things are accepted by indian policy and leaders about terrorism in pakistan or breaking it in 1971 by sponsoring terrorism and all, but like i said, you have been led into making a certain image of pakistan like lab rats mimic.
            It wont work.

            But yes, do play your afghan proxy game to the fullest. And do not let CIA or americans leave this area. Because i can guarantee you , if they do, ISI will not have more than a months problem to eliminate the RAW infestation from afghanistan. You think you are good but your one foot is on CIA’s shoulder and other on Afghan gov shoulder. Keep holding on to that. Because if that shoulder is no more there, you’ll have a one-on-one proxy war with ISI, enough to know who is number 1 on all these lists.

  8. Well it seems Raheel ( let me avoid Shareef ) has a big plan to introduce himself into the political veins of Pakistan. And , the clever technique he has selected to counter the existing image of the Pakistani political system makes him highly eligible for this position. But at the end what the pakistani people would get is another military general from pakistani defence forces. And his influence is what i can feel here everybody is talking about the general and i see few concerns over the democratic face of the nation. I hope atleast this time things are constructive ……..

    What surprises me is why only Army ( As Pakistan also have Navy and Air force Too) of this Nation is always standing as front face ! are they not so capable or is that they too follow the Army orders. Quiet a confusing system they ( Pakistani’s) have.

  9. Paki general looks like havildar of punjab police.I hv seen person like that asking 20 rs bribes from beggars sitting on the road.

        • Moron, our ISI and PAK Army is fighting with so many agencies such as CIA, KhusRAW, MOSSAD etc. at the same time which are responsible for these bomb blasts. In reality, it takes effort as it is not a video game to completely diffuse 100% bomb blasts from happening. Anyways, now a days, the bomb blasts have reduced a lot in Pakistan by giving continuous bambo stick in your fucking agency asses. Kulbhushan Khusra caught in our Balochistan is one example. Long live Pakistan. Long live ISI and PAK ARMY. #FUCKRANDIANS


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