Published On: Tue, Jul 14th, 2015

Top 10 Highest Tax Paying Countries 2017


Tax laws in most countries are very multifaceted and tax burden falls in diverse way on different groups in each country and it’s difficult to make comparison of countries on basis of highest tax paying nations.

Though, tax has been collected in four different groups all around world including corporate tax, payroll taxes, individual income tax and sales taxes whereas it is possible that calculations methods of taxes are different from country to country based on their fiscal and monetary policies.

There are some countries in the world in which they have paid high tax in form of individual and sales tax while some of countries have open relaxations on these taxes, In contrast some countries has tax free zones to promote business especially the industrial sector while other countries charge high tax rates. Here we have compiled top ten highest tax paid countries in the world.

10: Austria

Austria is a federal republic and a landlocked country in Central Europe which is home to more than 8.5 million people and able to place it among great powers of Europe. Austria is one of the richest countries in the world having nominal per capita GDP of $44,475 and ranked among the top countries having high standard of living. Austria has been enrolled in top highest tax paying countries in the world for charging 25% corporate tax, 50% maximum individual tax and 20% of tax has been charged in form of Sales tax.


9: Belgium

The sovereign state in Western Europe Belgium which covers total area of 30,528 square kilometers having population of over 11 million. The federal constitutional monarchy is another most developed and highest tax paying country in the world which charges 33.99% as corporate tax, 64% maximum individual tax rate including 55% federal and up to 9% local, the payroll tax and sales tax charged 37.84 % and 21% respectively. The country has been growing very fast since last few year and see massive development in its entire sector including industrial sector.


8: Netherlands

Located in Western Europe The Netherlands is considered as the main constituent country of Kingdom of the Netherlands among other countries. The densely populated country is the world’s second-largest exporter of food and agricultural products and first countries in world having an elected parliament. The fourth happiest country tax charge include corporate tax 25%, individual maximum tax 52% and 21% in term of GST including 6% for selected goods for which it has been enrolled among highest tax paying countries in the world.


7: Denmark

Denmark is also one of highest tax paying which consists of 443 named island including peninsula, Jutland, and an archipelago, The Northern European state has population of 5,668,743 covering the area of 43,094 square kilometers. Denmark tax rates includes 23.5% of corporate tax, 46.03% minimum individual tax and 61.03% maximum tax while it charges 8% payroll and 25% sales tax. The highest tax paying nation is one of most developed countries following growth in all sectors including education, health, prosperity, living standard and human development.


6: Sweden

The Scandinavian country in Northern Europe Sweden s the third-largest country in the European Union covering area of 450,295 square kilometers, home to nearly 9.7 million inhabitants. The constitutional monarchy added in highest tax paying countries in the world having corporate tax 22%, maximum individual tax 59.7%, payroll taxes 31.42% and sales tax up to 25%. The world’s eighth-highest per capita income offer high-end living standard and better quality of life, educations, health, equality, prosperity to its civilians.


5: Ireland

Ireland is the sovereign state in north-western Europe bordered with the Northern Ireland of the United Kingdom, ranked among wealthiest countries in the world because of its GDP per capita of $48,787 per year. The country has implemented strict tax regulation charges 12.5% corporate tax, 40% of maximum individual tax, 0%-11% tax on payroll while sales tax rates includes 23% on goods and 9%-13.5% services. The series of liberal economic policies implemented in the countries which results rapid economic growth.


4: Finland

Republic of Finland is a Nordic country in Northern Europe which population is around 5.5 million while in terms of area it is the eighth largest country in Europe and sparsely populated country in European Union. It applies corporate tax 20%, minimum individual tax 7.71%, and maximum individual tax 61.96%, an average of payroll tax 20.64% and 24% sales tax including 14% goods and 10% on accommodations. One of highest per capita incomes in the world Finland ranked among the most advanced nations and topped World Human Capital index.


3: United Kingdom

United Kingdom is a sovereign state in Europe laying off the north-western coast of the European mainland it has 64.5 million inhabitants making it 22nd-most populous country. The United Kingdom is a developed state and world’s fifth-largest economy by nominal GDP following its fruitful economic policies. It charges 40% in form of corporate tax, 55.9% of maximum individual tax including federal plus local while tax on payroll is 15.3%-3.8% and sales tax is 0%-11.725% making it highest tax paying country in the world.


2: Japan

The technological developed nation of Japan is an island nation in East Asia which is Located in the Pacific Ocean known as Land of the Rising Sun. Japan has world’s third-largest economy by nominal GDP and fifth largest exporter and largest importer in the world and ranked first in Country Brand Index. The state is among the highest tax paying countries which applies corporate tax up to 38.01%, minimum individual tax 15%, maximum individual tax 50%, payroll tax 25.63% and 8% tax on consumption in terms of sales tax.


1: Aruba

Aruba is an island in the southern Caribbean Sea which is among the four constituent countries that form Kingdom of the Netherlands. One of most attractive and visited country has enrolled in the highest tax paying countries for applying tax rates including 28% corporate tax, 7% minimum individual tax, 58.95% maximum individual tax while sales tax has been charged 1.5% tax on total turnover. Aruba offers the highest standards of living in the Caribbean region becoming the most preferred destination of tourists.


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