Top 10 List of Most Hated Countries in the World 2017


There are lots of reasons to love someone and same as there are numerous to hate, well it is about the person but it real revelation for some people that some of countries exist in the world have been hated by people.

In fact it is not necessary that hate is cause of any bad or evil thing but sometime positive thing in you also become the reason of other hate.

There are countries on the world map that are being hated by different positive reasons including being most influential, powerful, commanding and other such elements while negative things like violence, brutality, terrorism, hypocritical role and government inference to other nation’s affairs.

10: China

China is one of largest country by population and top ranked nation for highest execution rates per year, best known for its low cost exports in almost every country of the world from United State to Japan and Asia to Norway.

These low cost products may include medicine and food material that can cause deaths due to fake and bad things used to make it at lower price. The largest oil producing country in world is also one of popular and powerful country just after United State and showing its power to neighboring countries to dominate them.


9: India

India is also considered as one of hated country in the world and the prime reason is that it believes on discrimination like people are configured on basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion and gender.

One of most major reason that has prominent against the country is increasing rates of violent crimes such as rape and sexual assault which left bad impression to the other tourists. India has also not well in bilateral relations with other countries especially neighboring states like china and Pakistan which also put a negative notion to the people.


8: United Kingdom

United Kingdom has been hated for several reasons and foremost is its violent past that led to slavery system in the world while the Kingdom often involved in vicious activities to dominate other countries.

United Kingdom was among those countries which encouraged civil wars exploited and looted nations and demoralized many of state to sub continents, the aggressive and hostile nature of United Kingdom added it into most hated countries in the world whereas it also support discrimination and unfairness.


7: Mexico

The American State Mexico is located between United State and North America, known for drug trade, violent crimes, illegal immigrations and human trafficking. These above are also the reasons of people hatred towards Mexico while government made operations against these drug dealer.

but they are strong enough that police is unable to hold them in jail. Mexico is also one of dangerous states in America for being biggest dealer of drug trafficking in all of connecting States.


6. Japan

Japan is best known for its technological advancement and progress in the world and considered as one of leading nation in the path of high-tech products. The country has also named as one of most beautiful country in the world but on same node that nation is among world’s hated nation.

The hate began with history of Japan consist of destructive conflict with China, though Japanese aren’t now being involved in any such activities but Chinese being the most populated state still hate the country due to past aggression.


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5: Germany

Germany is the Hitler’s nation and this is more than enough to hate to state, the criminal violence of General Hitler who left no stone unturned to demolish the other country and his hands were full of bloodshed of millions of people including most of civilians.

The country has been also added in the list for their fatal role in World War I and II, however, the country is now considered as one of successful and developed state in the world but the past didn’t left it yet and hatred is still with the nation.


4: Russia

The list of countries to hate Russia is too long but European countries becomes first especially the members of Soviet Union because according to them Russian destroyed their society, culture and religion.

By killing millions and humiliating many of ethnic groups the nation has emerged as superpower of world but it isn’t for long time. The top hated country is still creating conflicts between major nations of world to get advantage of that conflict which absolutely very beneficial for Russia at that time.


3: North Korea

North Korea stands among the hated countries because of its conflicts with other states in the world especially neighboring countries while North Korea often threaten the whole world against nuclear war.

In fact many of citizens also didn’t like some to government measures to become a nuclear power but giving their resident poor life and low living standards. The aggressive and violent approach of North Korea is ridiculous and didn’t like by any of country in the world pushing it to world’s most hated countries.


2: Israel

The ongoing war of Israel against Palestine arresting civilians and violating human rights openly and killing Palestinians without compassion, even they didn’t kind of women and children in war zone which is quite enough to hate the nation.

The country hasn’t recognized by many of countries in the world because of its hostile and destructive nature in Palestine which is really a massacre than a war on the name of Judaism. Another reason of hatred is the discrimination that Israelis more often treat other countries as second class human and deal them as lower rank.


1: USA

United States of America topped the list of being most hated by people, there is several reason of their hate one might be that America is strongest ally of most hatred nation Israel which massacred million of people in Palestine till now on the name of war.

The other reasons may include the USA government direct involvement to spoil and destroy many of countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and now Syria, the US allied forces just demolished these regions on so called terrorism which might be good in some sense but not enough that someone has open permission to kill civilian either women or children.




  1. Hey ABC – was the above “Patois” auto-generated or just written by semi literate foreigners?

    You guys really need a proofreader!!

    • I acturally think he/she got a point, and I don’t think how well a person’s English is contributes to the level of a person’s thinking. In fact, because the person is not an American, he/she might be more clear on how non-Americans think of this country. we should reflect over our actions.

      • Helen, I would never attempt a serious post in a language I was not fluent in. That alone would raise the question of having adequate judgement. And I speak several other languages.

        • Well, I study several other languages too, and the purpose for me to study language is to communicate with the rest of the world and see the world from their eyes. Silencing myself defeats the purpose of learning how to talk. Have respect to other people.

          • Helen this is not about respecting other people this is about whether ideas are valid or are disrespecting other cultures. If you are critical of other cultures you better be articulate when expressing those ideas or you are being disrespectful or not making valid arguments!

            Here is the response I got from Jack:

            Moron, can you urdu,mandarin or Hindi as a second language? Stop being a c@nt.

            What does that tell you?

          • I speak four languages, visited 19 countries, lived in five of them, and I’m not American. This article is still bullshit. You can’t possibly know the general opinion of 7 billion people just because you’re not American. Some idiot wrote an essay exclaiming how literally all Americans are stupid, fat, arrogant, and the source of (no exaggeration) all problems in the world. I’ve seen plenty of people poke fun and criticize America, but hate is taking it a bit too far.

          • There are plenty of people that hate the US for many reasons. I live here and I even think that more people than not are arrogant, ignorant, disrespectful, hateful and more.

    • Pakistan is hated because people think they fund terrorists. The fact is the US launched all the terrorist organisations and Pakistan is among the many victims of it. This should be added to the reason of why US is the most hated too. Pakistan doesn’t discriminate people based on color, religion or background unlike India. Pakistan hosts the most refugees in the world! The European countries can’t allow for a some 100s of Syrian refugees. Pakistan is a much better nation than most of the world in terms of character. Good day!

      • You have just shown your hate by adding India to your sentence. Pakistan is the most Hated Country! PS – I am not an Indian.

          • I don’t defend Pakistan
            When people do something evil you can’t justify it
            So even if you destroy my country and use nuclear power then shooting people in the head and so on I don’t have the right to do a terrorist attack or anything but my comment is just a fact that describe what happens to country after getting invasion espially France and British invasion ( I know that the invasion of Pakistan was the doing of soviet unity )

      • You’re right that’s why they are such a great country and considered to be one of the most developed and economically wealthy…ya no. Pakistan is trash

    • actaully my friend if you rad pakistan history you will cry
      it was a great place and didnt have anything with terrorists but after soviet invasion
      and them ameica
      and oil problem in the regoun
      it become like this
      so go and read history

  2. They got number one right….they just got the reasons completely wrong lol, typical that it’s written by an American news source that aren’t gunna be actually honest about why the average guy in the street hates America,…it’s not for the reasons listed above cause the average person doesn’t care about that, the average guy doesn’t like America because they are cocky, and sneaky, And war and power hungry, and don’t care about anybody but themselves,…every ignorant comment we see online is from an American, every crazy news article about some whack job killing people, or cops killing people, comes all from America, you drop nuclear bombs on countries and innocent people in the name of peace..You invade countries in the name of peace, and democracy, you stick your fingers where they don’t belong, that’s why people don’t like America,…because its greedy, and corrupt, and intolerant, and would kill every other person on the planet if they had to to save themselves and their fancy cars and houses. But this article about is what happens when an American writes a paragraph of why people hate America,…they focus on this crap that regular people in the world don’t care about, and may not even know About. You glorify pathetic celebrities like they are gods, you promote yourselves as all knowing and all wis…you release movie after movie of dripping in American propaganda, showing the great America saving the whole world time after time,…when in reality it’s the opposite,….isis and the terror threat wouldn’t be what it is today if the Americans hadn’t invaded under stupid reasons and make up justifications,…and you guys started the problems over there DAY ONE. But you watch your movies and message your own egos, and walk around with an undeserved sense of self satisfaction. THATS the real reason America is hated by the rest if the world,’s because we just don’t trust you, or your motives.

    • You have hit the nail on the head, spot on.

      I can not stand the bastards as well. The thing is, people are now beginning to speak out about it, and that should be a direct warning to the United States that we are mainly becoming quite pissed off with how you conduct yourselves around the globe and how like James Moynihan has said, are cocksure and arrogant.

      Solution: Build a massive colony starship and F off away from here and let us negotiate peace with the rest of the World. Take Israel with you. Problem pretty much solved.

  3. WTF? Why would a US news source publish an article written by someone whose English is that bad? Is it a computer translation from some other language? If so, why not reveal the source?

    Ok, forget the poor English. Let’s just consider the content. What is the source of this list? Is it from some survey? Or just the writer’s personal opinion? Why would ABC publish this?

    What about the obvious errors? China is one of the most populous countries? No, it’s THE most populous country. Mexico is between the US and North America?

    I’m confused. Is this a joke site? It’s surely not a bona fide news site. Want a good laugh? Click on the “About Us” link at the top of the page. The English there is just as bad as this article.

  4. Know your facts before publishing information, from your list, it’s very evident you have zero knowledge and you write it based on what you think is right, appalling and disgusting publisher!!

  5. Whoever wrote this needs to pick up a book and learn how to write. This was very poorly written, was any research done on this subject at all? You didn’t make one valid point on why the countries are hated just reasons you THINK maybe a reason. Like for the U.S. you wrote “the US allied forces just demolished these regions on so called terrorism” so called terrorism? Those countries have known terrorists groups that have committed killings in the US. Are you brain dead or just really stupid.
    P.s. have someone proof read your garbage before you post something.

  6. This one is totally wrong. especially the introduction part for Japan and Germany. USA is not the most hated countries.

  7. Note that, the majority of most hated countries are developed countries. The only reason is that, a lot of people envy those countries. Sadly, but truth. Envious people die of cancer. I don’t envy any country.

  8. How about double checking your grammar and spelling you idiots. Couldn’t bother reading the whole thing.

    • No one like us? what does that mean that I should not like you? Us is a plural pronoun is that what you intended to write or are us stupid?

  9. I truly wonder who created this website and posted all these wonderful “hated-” related commentaries that are most remarkable for their terrible grammar, setting aside any rating to be assigned to their contents for accuracy and reliability. Why not go back to English 101 to brush up on your English grammar and vocabulary before even posting these thoughts fraught with grammar errors and misuse of English vocabulary (for instance, you are not supposed to use the superlative degree for the world “major”). At least, you would be able to get your message across to your readers better.

  10. Pakistan, or what most people call “Crapistan” is a broken toilet full of stupid brown chimpanzees. It’s time to flush this toilet, with large nuclear weapons.

    • Says an Indian whose own country hosts more than 400 million people that don’t have access to a toilet. Hence they have to shit out in the open. Delhi the most polluted and unsanitary capital of the world. Hidnus who drink cow urine everyday. People in India are killed if they eat beef and here you’re talking about Pakistan? India should be the #1 hated country followed by Israel and US!

  11. Pakistan, or “Crapistan” as most people call it, is a broken toilet, full of stupid little brown turds that think they are human.

    It’s time to flush this toilet, with large thermonuclear weapons, and open up this monkey territory to humans.

    • Trust me it is not. Israel is an illegal state and should be one of the most hated. US should be the second most hated because they have alliance with them! Soon Palestine will finally have THEIR home back!


  12. It’s like hating Italy because their Roman armies had the audacity of invading us thousands of years ago, oh and I was alive to see it and suffered through it. I’m English and have no ill feelings towards Germany because I wasn’t even born then. People need to move on! The only reason USA is disliked is because they come over and talk loud, thinking everybody’s impressed where they come from.

  13. I’m an American and it saddens me, and my people, that the US government truly deserves the world’s hatred – but not the people. We have lost control of our government and a non-violent revolution is building.

    The US government has been invaded by Zionist money. Israel still deserves number one slot – because it is Israel that runs it’s big, dumb attack dog, the United States. They are ruining our country. Zionist money runs most of the west.

  14. How can such a list (most hated countries) be authentic which doesn’t include atleast the first three ie. Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Somalia, Nigeria, Columbia? How many people outside embassies across the world do you think you will find lined up for a Visa to get into Pakistan or North Korea or Somalia because _they love it_? – And how many people you think you are likely to find lined up to get out of these countries at the same time (provided they are able to do so) and run for an entry to many of the nations that have ironically made it to your list?
    Likewise how comfortable do the host countries and their citizens feel with either temporary visitors or permanent residents who have arrived from countries like Nigeria, Columbia or Pakistan amongst them? Just as how suspicious and disdainful are people in the host countries of the temporary guests or permanent residents that have arrived from Japan, Germany or India?
    So while one has to agree that such a list can neither be exhaustive nor even close to be perfect (unless more than one notorious state is made to share a spot on the list with other(s) yet at the sametime one can not but help noticing how conspicous by their absence are some of the strongest contenders from your list and also that you have mistakes galore in not only in case of whatever criteria(s) you employed to draw such a list!!!

  15. LOL I dont know who wrote this, but Israel is not killing Palestinians in the name of Judaism. Israel is fighting against the Hamas, that attacked Israel first. Israel had to respond, and defend its people. you, as an article writer need to understand that people that read this take the shit that you say seriously. ISRAEL IS NOT KILLING PALESTINIAN CHILDREN>

  16. When you realize that the USA has been involved in a WAR for more than 90% of the its existence, being the most hated is not a surprise.

  17. This is a terribly biased article. Israel maybe hated very much but it is only by the Middle East. Israel for one does not massacre people without compassion. The Israeli military actually takes more precautions than any other military to protect civilians. The government literally tells the enemy where they are going to be bombing so that civilians can clear out but the Palestinians purposefully ignore them to make Israel look bad. I noticed that no Muslim nation is on this which is funny because I know plenty of people hate Iran (including myself). Neither the US or Israel aim to kill women and children, that argument is stupid and pointless. Escpecially since terrorists have killed plenty of women and children in the name of Islam! The Middle East is in chaos because of the Muslim countries themselves not because of Israel. Israel just wants to be left alone but when all the countries around them make death threats to them for no reason other than race and religion (these muslims are the real rascists). I’ve never heard of Israeli terrorists going in and suicide bombing people around the world in the name of Judaism. Muslims are the most hypocritical people in the world and everyone just goes along with them because they would rather not get blown up by a bunch of lunatics.


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