Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in the World 2017


To gauge peacefulness of the country isn’t possible because it has very wide meaning which cannot be covered in a single discussion which also required massive investigation and data to analyze.

According to Institute for Economics and Peace studies which make it possible to measure the peace score of the states through Global Peace Index (GPI) which ranked the countries in the world on basis of at least ten indicators to configure safety and security in society.

These overall crime rates, terror and violent activities in the country, political stability, pleasant relations with neighboring countries, internal and external conflicts and other social evil. Global Peace Index score refers to peacefulness of every country more the nation is peaceful lower the GPI score; here we have enlisted top ten most peaceful countries in the world which are given below.

10: Norway

The sovereign and unitary monarchy Norway covers the total area of 148,747 sq mi having population of more than five million, considered as one of peaceful countries in the world with GPI score of 1.371. The founding member of United Nations has fourth-highest per capita income in the world making it most developed and advanced country all around globe. It stands among highest Human Development Index ranking in the world which topped the Legatum Prosperity Index five years consecutively and classified among the most democratic countries.


9: Belgium

The founding member of the European Union and sovereign state in Western Europe is home to more than 11 million inhabitants which can be described in two main linguistic groups the Dutch-speaking and the French-speaking. The federal constitutional monarchy has very low Global Peace Index score 1.354 comparatively to other countries making it one of peaceful country in the world. Belgium was named as the Battlefield of Europe because it has been used several times as battle ground between many European powers but after twentieth century it has seen high growth and development.


8: Japan

The most advanced and technological nation Japan is an island country in East Asia which is located in the Pacific Ocean. The Land of the Rising Sun is tenth largest country in the world with respect to its population which is nearly 126 million while the capital city of Japan has ten million nearly population. The unitary constitutional monarchy has third-largest economy by nominal GDP and fifth largest importer and exporter all over the world. Japanese enjoy very high standard of living as the country is one of most developed and peaceful nation in the world with 1.316 GPI.


7: Canada

World’s second-largest country by total area Canada is a federal parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy and one of most ethnically diverse and multicultural nation. The wealthiest and most developed country all over the world also among the most peaceful and stable nations in world having low Global Peace Index score of 1.306. The economy of Canada is most advance and largest because of abundant natural resources and well-developed international trade networks in the world.


6: Finland

The Nordic country in Northern Europe Finland is eighth largest country in Europe and most sparsely populated country in the European Union having population around 5.5 million. The country has topped World Human Capital index in this year while ranked sixth at Global Peace Index 1.297 which is relatively low from past years and other countries making one of peaceful country on the planet to live. The rapid development and its advanced economy resulted in widespread wealth and added it to highest per capita incomes countries on the planet.


5: Switzerland

The European country Switzerland is one of most beautiful state on earth and one of poplar tourist’s destinations because of its striking natural attractions and breathtaking panoramic views. The highly developed country provides lavish living standards to people because of government transparency, economic competitiveness, and fast human development. Having GPI score of 1.258 Switzerland has been added in the list of most peaceful countries in the world while it has also cited among the states with the highest quality of life.


4: New Zealand

The island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean New Zealand is largely developed and most peaceful country in the world with Global Peace Index score of 1.236. The country offer a very balance living standard to all of its citizens considered as one of diverse nation because of several ethnic groups including European, Māori, Asian, Pacific peoples, Latin American and African. The member of United Nations economy has been described to be most developed economy with highest per capita income in the world.


3: Austria

The landlocked country in the Central Europe Austriais a parliamentary representative democracy containing nine federal states, enlisted in the list of richest countries in the world with nominal per capita of $47,031. Human Development Index has ranked the country in the well position while according to Global Peace Index score of 1.200 Austria is another peaceful country in the world. It owns a well-developed social market economy and highly developed industry providing high living standard.


2: Denmark

Denmark is another European country located in the north of the continent of Europe. It has great historical buildings, advanced technology parks and beautiful rivers to visit. Its population is low which makes it one of the safest countries in the world. Denmark is a country with rich history. With the rising threat of terrorism in the world Denmark stands as a peaceful and one of the safest countries of the world which has been ranked at Global Peace Index with score of 1.193.


1: Iceland

Iceland is a place of beautiful waterfalls and frozen mountains. This place takes you near to Mother Nature and you can’t stop yourself from appreciating and praising beautiful view of these mountains, lakes and waterfalls. The country’s economy has been considered as most developed in the world for which it stands among the wealthiest nation around the globe with highest per capita income. The country has topped the Global Peace Index with score of 1.189 making it most peaceful country in the world.



  1. Great list but always ignores very peaceful micro states such as Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Andorra, Monaco…


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