Top Ten Most Beautiful Japanese Women In 2017


Japanese women were known the most beautiful Japanese women in the world because of their adorable skin and healthy-looking skin. Japanese women mostly following the culture of japan that will show them more unique and different from other women in the world. Having different features that extraordinary showing their beauty regarding other women in the world. In japan most of the girls are graduated so far. So here is the list of most beautiful Japanese women.

1. Norika Fujiwara:

most beautiful Japanese women

Norika Fujiwara known as the most beautiful Japanese womena talented actress and model to having bright future due to her success story. We can have called her the hottest one in other Japanese women. She also won the title of Miss japan in 1992 doing so many television shows and mostly seemed on serial TV shows.

2. Sayuri Yoshinaga:

most beautiful Japanese women

Most adorable personality having different skills to show her acting best out of best in 1960’s ever most beautiful Japanese women in Japanese actresses. In staring she got fame in radio show Akado Suzunosuki. She had performing a leading role in Nakkatsu.Achievement in having four years awards in her times. Most successful one in her acting career.

3. Yukie Nakama:

most beautiful Japanese women

She was born in 1979, ever famous singer, former idol and actress. Most she considered as the hit list in performing leading roles and also casting in performing the comic role because she considered as best in it. showing most of the television shows due to her beauty face ever listed as the most beautiful Japanese women.

4. Koyuki:

most beautiful Japanese women

A model and actress too and considered most beautiful Japanese women. She is one of them who performed internationally due to her skills and beauty. She achieved role in film was opposite handsome Tom Cruise in the last samurai. Showing her talent in Blood: the last vampire. Due to her talented skills she also having apart in television serial like beautiful life, Mr. Brain, Engine and Love Complex.

5. Hitomi kukori:

most beautiful Japanese women

Another talented one most beautiful Japanese women born in 1960’s. her real name is Shoko lchji. Done many dramas like the gate of youth, Good luck and GTO and ring the final chapter. She is the one who starting the Japanese incredible and she having best actress award in paradise lost in 22nd Hochi Film award.

6. Nanako Matsushima:

most beautiful Japanese women

One of the most successful and talented actress in japan. Listed as the top ten most beautiful Japanese women. When got international fame due to her film names as “Ring”. She had playing in leading role in A story of love. She played in TV dramas Lucky Seven, Great teacher Onizuka, sweet season and many more.

7. Msaki lto:

most beautiful Japanese women

One of the most beautiful Japanese women and famous and bone due to her acting skills. Frist she staring her career through molding and then move towards acting. She was born in 1977. She also seemed in commercials and performing her best art acting skills in very popular movies like last love in 2007 and also Nine soul that was released in year 2003 and face to face is another movie in 2002.

8. Yuko Takeuchi:

most beautiful Japanese women

She got first big break in television serial named as Asoka. She had also played part in commercial shows but she got more fame in NT which get her so famous so far and then due to her acting skills she listed in the best beautiful Japanese women. Performing many television series like Strawberry Night, A white shadow, Dangerous Police Forever and flash forward. She considered as the most talented and beautiful one in other Japanese actresses.

9. Kou Shibasaki:

most beautiful Japanese women

One of most beautiful Japanese women a very young actress and singer performing many songs that give her so much fame in her success career and known by all over the world. Most talented and beautiful one she listed in top ten most beautiful Japanese women the world. Her first debut song was her hit song in the industry through that she got fame in music industry song named as ‘Trust my feelings’ which was on the top of the list. Her international acting starting with different project like “battle Royall” in 2000 and in 2008 some of her latest movie are suspect X, in 2010 Shokudo Katatsumri and in 2003

10. Meisa Kuroki:

most beautiful Japanese women

She is just 25 years old the most talented women and considered as the most beautiful Japanese women and has made a great name for herself in acing, singing and modelling. She made her debut in acting in 2004 and has also featured in many television commercials, television dramas and stage makings. She is the one who listed as the most beautiful Japanese women. Her singing is more famous as compared to her acting and best considered in it.


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