Published On: Mon, Jul 18th, 2016

Turkey Advocates to Protect the Rule of Law



The Rule of Law must be followed and protected after the failed takeover against the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said by the EU chief of foreign policy Federica Mogherini. It should be protected for the sake of the country. This morning the security forces carried out the new raids against the alleged plotters of the botches coup, with this the international concerns grew over the scale by this crackdown.

The standing Turkish government has already dismissed the 9,000 officials since the unsuccessful coup which targeting the Mr. Erdogan government. The massive amount of public total of 8,777 individuals including the provincial governor and the 29 other town’s governors have been dismissed sine that. The Turkish government also removes 8,000 police officers in all across the country in to the allegation of links and associations with the coup attempts, said by the senior security officials.

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The top military personalities have been detained across the country including the 103 generals and admirals who have been detained in the wake of unsuccessful bid. They are now presenting to the courts which decides to remaining them in custody. The Turkish president also urged their citizens to still remain on the streets even the coup has been defeated by the public, which the authorities describe as the” vigil” for the democracy.

There are thousands of Erdogan supporter were waving the Turkish flags and immediately filled the major Kizilay Square in Ankara while the same situation were also seen in Istanbul in Taksim Square. According to the news resources additional 1800 special elite police forces drafted to the province to ensure the security in Istanbul. Barack Obama the US President and the German chancellor Angela Merkel have advised to the Turkish government to follow and protect the rule of low in the rouse of failed coup.

The death penalties are unacceptable the Turkish president Mr. Erdogan said that, we should not make any delay in utilizing the capital punishment and would like to discuss any measure with the all opposition and political parties. The introductions of the death penalties are absolutely unacceptable as the Turkish government has an ambition to join the EU but the death penalties would freeze their upcoming discussion about their entrance to the European Union said by the Sebastian Kurz the Austrian Foreign Minister.


In democracies the decision are make on the basis of public opinions said by Erdogan, he also added that; i think will talk to the opposition and made a decision in the reaction of the public to call for the capital punishment at Istanbul.  He told to his supporters that we should not delay all this and those who helps to launch the coup will have to pay the price at any cost.

The president also repeated the call for the United State to expel the Fethullah Gulen who actually were involved in the coup which should done by his US-based followers and Islamic preacher, which he also describe him as the terrorist organisation. On the other hand Mr. Gulen condemned the military act in the country against the elected government in the “strongest terms” and rejected the all charges which are associated with him and suggested the President Erdogan to staged it himself.

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